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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


To give oneself to God means to forget oneself and to entrust to him one’s soul and body; it means giving him all of one’s own powers, aspirations, sentiments, desires, fears and hopes, and reserving for oneself only the task to think of him, to serve him in the perfect fulfillment of our duties and to love him with our whole heart (APD47, 58).

To get to know the Mother of the Divine Shepherd better and better; to imitate her ever more faithfully; to pray to her with ever greater piety; to speak of her often, to everyone, ever more frequently, in the pastoral apostolate (PrP I, 19)

Lord, God of heaven and earth, direct and sanctify, reign and govern today our hearts and our works, the senses, the discourses, the acts in the observance of your law and your precepts, so that on this earth and in eternity we may be saved and free, O Savior of the world (BM, 40).

Everything comes from the mind. If one does good work it is because he has thought it out and then wanted it and then done it. So always, the first point to look at is the mind. And if there is any sin or any imperfection, any defect first it is in the mind. Oh, sanctify the mind (APD63, 365).

Would that we knew the good that St. Paul has done for the world, especially for us descendants of the gentiles! If we read his life, his works and his letters: how much more would we pray to him, love him and imitate him. From him, we would learn the two virtues that are the foundation of Christianity: love for Jesus and love that will show itself in zeal for one’s neighbour (APim, 20).

With regard to vocations in some persons at times, there is real laziness, disrespect, indifference, lukewarmness. In reality, the person who loves the Institute gives proof of this love and seeks to cooperate effectively for its good and the first good in a family are the persons – numerous persons, good persons (APD47, 593).

Wherever we go, we take with us our “I” with all its defects, so let no one be deceived, but to remain where the Lord called her. It is there that she will find the grace to correct herself, to advance and become holy (APD47, 62)

It can also happen that someone believes that she is called by God to leave her own congregation... to enter a cloistered order... probably, it is simply a question of an invitation that the Lord extends to the person, so that she may become more recollected, acquire a deeper interior life and a greater love of prayer (APD47, 63).

Apostolate of suffering. It is to suffer with Jesus in order to save souls. Everyone carries the cross down here. There are those who carry it by dragging it, those who saw off a few pieces so that it weighs less, those who lift it up to show it to everyone. Some carry it with Jesus. This is what to do (APD47, 338).

Overcoming ourselves... Do away with defects to be able to put in their place the opposite virtues. One who is proud, replace with humility, and one instead who is inclined to envy, replace with charity. One inclined to laziness, replace with fervour. Let the feeble person ask the Lord for strength, which is a cardinal virtue and also a gift of the Holy Spirit (APim, 263).

The Apostle Paul traveled the known world of his time, making heard everywhere the good news and gathering under the banner of the cross an immense number of Christians. He is therefore the man of zeal: it seems almost that in St. Paul zeal has been personified (APim, 22).

Vocations are much more numerous than those who come. Let no vocation be lost through any fault of ours. God prepared that person, with those certain dispositions for a vocation. It is necessary that we cooperate, facilitating the way, opening the door. First of all to pray, but then to invite, to do, to work (APD47, 592).

Reflect on the office that the Virgin Mary had towards Jesus, in order to understand how Jesus has called you to a very sublime mission, very similar to that of Our Lady. You must look at her in order to imitate her and put your hope in her, for the help you need to carry out your mission (APD47, 81).

May the devotion to Mary be established in the world and certainly, the world shall find Jesus (APD47, 97).

I would like everyone to feel a felt word of gratitude, of faith, of love for the Divine Master and to say to everybody: eyes to heaven, knees kneeling on the earth, your hearts inflamed. Each one will receive as he has worked; above all, however, imitate Jesus, Way, Truth and Life (APim, 221).

Charity is friendship, benevolence and love that we show in our heart toward our heavenly Father and our brothers and sisters, our neighbour. Charity towards God and our neighbour are like two rays of the same flame (APim, 56).

Don’t be discouraged in front of failures because they are the trials with which God wants to test our constancy and fidelity (APim, 90).

Pastoral care is the art of the pastor of souls, it is the art of pasturing, it is that divine office, that complex of holy industries that he seeks to lead souls to heaven, to save them (FSP33**, 23).

If we do not carry out our mission well, the Lord may replace us. There is always a danger of deviating from the special purpose! The Word of God must always be preached: there will always be souls to be saved. The means may vary, but the preaching must remain (Vademecum, n. 1065).

Love one another, very well, always well, even when of course you do not understand one another, even when there are difficulties. Ask for humility which is the foundation of charity, because pride creates disorder and envy is the worm of charity (FSP33**, 31).

We know moreover how intensely burning in his heart was the fire of his love for God from what he wrote about his intimate union with Our Lord Jesus Christ until his saying that it was not anymore he that lived, but Jesus Christ in him (APim, 57).

In creating us, the Lord assigns to each one a place in the world, a career in life, a special vocation. And in accord with this special vocation, he gives to each one the fitting inclinations and attitudes. He also prepares all that complex of graces that are necessary for that special office (APim, 77).

In order to be true, zeal must be born of a heart fully in love with the Lord. Only a heart aflame with a true love for the Lord can feel that ardour for souls that spares nothing, not comforts, not interest, not life, not oneself. It’s a zeal that never stops, even in the midst of human contradictions (APim, 86).

The Apostle, meeting with good hearts, sweetens them through the teachings of the Gospel; when he finds open minds, he enlightens them; he wins souls, draws them to himself, gains them for God and sometimes raises them to the greatest heights (APim, 89).

One who comes near to St. Paul little by little transforms himself, learns to live like him, to pray like him. He quickly makes his heart big and becomes generous, broad in his outlook and ardent and tender in his love for Christ (È necessario pregaresempre 2 [1940], p. 362).

Today the press has become the leading power of the world such that we can say that whoever owns the direction of the press owns the direction of the world. It is the point of departure with which it is possible to lift up the moral, political, social, religious world... (APim, 92).

The machine, the microphone, the screen are our pulpit; the printing press, the production, projection and broad-casting room is like our church (CISP, p. 832).

Unite yourselves to Mary Most Holy and with her, through her, in her, adore, thank the Lord; pray and make satisfaction. Say to Mary Most Holy: “I place your intentions, I pray with you, in you; I let my prayer pass through your most pure hands” (APD47, 116).

What is possible for us? In the special circumstances of our life? It matters to do good, how much we can, all that we can. One gives offerings, one gives away his inheritance, one makes some sacrifices, one works with all the fervour of his spirit, another spends his life for the good press. And we, what do we do? (APim, 93).

Take courage: if the bad are so zealous for their press, what should we not do for the good? – Take courage: there will be many sacrifices to undergo, but the reward also will be great, even very great, in heaven (APim, 93).































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