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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.

The Apostle does not use diffusion as a means of disposing of stockpiles, of accumulating wealth, of satisfying one’s own ambition or that of others... His first and exclusive goal must be: the glory of God and the good of souls (AE, 393).

Going to another nation always consider yourselves as humble guests, arriving only to bring Jesus Christ the Way, Truth and Life by modern means; accept and adapt to the language, customs, food, and style of dress ...  (CISP, p. 205).

Be humble of heart in all things, and then the study brings the necessary knowledge. Zeal comes from this knowledge deepened in the light of the Holy Spirit and lived with profound faith. And all that is learned becomes a means, an instrument of apostolate. So this year we have to consider the Letter to the Romans (FSP58, p. 58).

The unity that Jesus wants one to imitate, is to be built on a very high ideal: just as the Father and the Son are one, so may there be unity among Christians .... Unity, this need of the Church is felt more and more (FSP-SdC, p. 312).

How many disagreements, even among those who say they are all Catholics! And they show up, many times, in the elections and then in the various programmes: and why it is not like that, I withdraw. And should the “I” always triumph?Can’t it be that someone could sacrifice his own will? (APD56, 291).

Desire all and everything that concerns the glory of God and strive to work in great harmony, yes. To ask for charity: «Ut unum sint». This is the role; it is like the action of so many people working for the unity of the Church (APD56, 289).

We can and must draw from Theology, literature and journalism as we take bread from the baker, but convert it into our flesh and blood; then give it to our readers (CISP, p. 19).

Holiness is life, movement, dignity and fervour; the good one, not for whatever falls, but for that which rises. Yes! But it will be, only and always, in proportion to the spirit of faith,and to our will: the Lord is with us; we are God’s cooperators (ACV, p. 36).

I will surrender myself to Mary and Jesus and so I am sure of success. Yes; and it is you Mary who really has to transform me, to mould me into another humble Jesus Christ. To you, therefore, once again I consecrate myself, I entrust everything,O Mother: transform me (Diario di D. Giaccardo, 15 June 1915).

God gives his grace only to the humble. Thus the proud man only makes mistakes to the detriment of himself and his work: in education, in directing souls, in the way he teaches,in administration, in ministry, and in the apostolate... (CISP,p. 335).

Let all religious people be persuaded... to come out of a weak and poor work of defence, and to move on to a positive work for healthy reading, decent and educational film, formative radio, Christian television and also of a pastoral nature (CISP, p. 807).

If St. Paul lived today, he would continue to burn with that two fold passion, with the same fire and zeal for God and his Christ, and for the people of every country. And to make himself heard he would ascend to the highest pulpits and multiply his word by the instruments of today (ACV, p. 62).

The saint is not an exhausted man, a half-conscious man who can’t take his place in life... For Saint Paul, holiness is the full maturity of man, the perfect man (ACV, p. 36).

Saint Paul’s words regarding thoughts are valid: «All that is true, noble, just, pure, lovable, honourable, whatever is virtue and deserves praise, let all these be the object of your thoughts» (ACV, p. 111).

Saint Paul became the Society of Saint Paul of which he is the founder. It was not the Society of Saint Paul that chose him, but he chose us; indeed he generated us: «It is I who generated you in Christ Jesus through the Gospel» (ACV, p.62).

Many souls think only of instructing themselves and believe that it is enough to read, it is enough to listen to beautiful lectures... and then, lacking that disposition of humility, lacking that prayer which is necessary, the Word of God is heard perhaps with joy, but, since grace is lacking, it does not turn into good resolutions (AP 1959, pp. 27-28).

Receive me, O Mary, Mother Teacher and Queen, among those whom you love, nourish, sanctify and guide in the school of Jesus Christ, the Divine Master... Enlighten my mind, strengthen my will, sanctify my heart in this year of my spiritual work... and may I conclude: «I live, not I, but Christ lives in me» (Prayers of the PF).


Whoever loves the Bible will spread it afterwards. Whoever loves reading the Bible becomes enlightened and useful to souls. Whoever knows how to communicate well with God in reading the Bible, becomes more and more the homo Dei(CISP, p. 663).

May life be grafted on to Jesus Christ the Master, there is no other way to be as he was. And the simplicity of devotion, of piety is reduced to this: ... Living of Jesus in the mind, living of Jesus in the sentiments, in the heart; living of Jesus in the will, in activity, even in health (FSP-SdC, p. 406).

May Jesus bless you all so much! The Child Jesus raises his arms and opens them to welcome you. May he bless your desires and your aspirations (APD47, 14).

Mary is like a serene sky always illuminated by the divine Sun; and always ready to receive the splendour of her rays and to transmit light into the minds of those who seek God and salvation (ACV, p. 44).

This is the Biblical Year. But if we want the Sacred Text to enter into all families and be loved and understood, many means can be used, but the first means is to read, meditate and love the Bible. This is the vital prayer that will obtain for us the grace to communicate the Verbum Dei (CISP, p. 663).

The Blessed Virgin was the first to show us Jesus Christ. She carried the Son of God in her womb without preaching, in silence, in deed. She showed him first to the shepherds, that they might worship him; and she manifested him to the Magi,that they might worship him; she manifested him as he was, that is: Master of humanity (APD58, 1).

Place yourselves in God’s hands as little children, and ask the Heavenly Father for the grace of a transformation, yes:that He may nourish you, that He may strengthen you, that He may give you light, that He may carry you almost in His arms, so that you may understand and love your vocation(AP 1959, p. 57).













For beginners these must be the predilections of the Apostle,who, like the Divine Master, has the mission to address the poor and the humble with preference: «They have sent me to proclaim the good news to the poor» (AE, 154).

Within us there is, there must be, precisely a mentality formed in accordance with charity. Conformed to charity,that is, thinking well, which means: I have an obligation to help others; we are many to help ourselves. I must hope for charity and the help of others, but I must give my help (FSP58, p. 244).

When you really love, then you pray for everyone, you have a big heart for everyone, you are understanding, you help, you always find that others have merits and good qualities (FSP58, p. 246).

It is relatively easy to take care of and make progress in one or two areas; but it is difficult to pay attention to all the four wheels of a cart which must move together. Prayer, advice and reflection are needed for this consideration (CISP, p.169).

The Apostle of publishing must communicate the truth that saves; he is the continuation of the Divine Master: «As the Father has sent me, so I send you»; «I am the light of the world»; «You are the light of the world» (ACV, p. 19).

Become well aware of this change of thoughts and of this difference that must exist between the thinking of the world and the thinking of the religious... Changing of our mind:and in this lies the essential element of God’s love (AP1958/1, pp. 175-176).

There is unity in Christ and in the Church. In the priestly prayer Jesus Master speaks four times about unity; and intimate union which he compares to the union between the three Divine Persons. Excessive and too human nationalism can lead to unnecessary and harmful discussions and divisions (CISP, p. 205).



















Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


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