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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


St. Paul is the apostle all aflame with love for souls. Already on this earth, he lived for them and his letters are full of the most tender expressions of affection. Now we are instructed by him… He teaches us through the splendour of his examples. How much affection, therefore, does he not have for us from paradise! (APim, 109).

Because we, in order to save souls, choose the most effective instrument, that of the press, he blesses us in a particular manner. Therefore, from paradise, he looks at us with tenderness. We can say that he lives with us, in our midst. He feels all the beating of our hearts... he obtains for us infinite graces from the Lord (APim, 109-110).

O Mary, model of loving souls and fervent adorers, I ask you for three precious graces: to know the God hidden in the Tabernacle; to seek his presence, in holy intimacy; to live habitually with the heart turned to Him (BM, 380).

A tireless walker, founder of churches in the whole world, igniter of hearts: this is the figure of St. Paul, “whose heart was the heart of Christ” (APim, 144).

St. Paul stands before us as the model of every virtue. In imitating the Divine Master, first, he practiced and then taught others. Thus, he drew to himself many souls and behind him, there is a procession of saints (APim, 146).

St. Paul is the singer of God, the preacher of the glory of God, the promoter of his cult, the champion of the laws of God, the segregated for Christ, the prisoner for Christ, the man who lives in Christ (APim, 145).

There are, however, some things in the teachings of St. Paul that are profound and difficult, but St. John Chrysostom gives us at once the key, the secret to penetrate them and to understand them: to love St. Paul. The more we love, the more we understand. The more we love, the more we enter to share in the secrets of his heart, in the wisdom of his soul, in the treasures of his spirit (APim, 127).

There is no wisdom if not from Jesus Christ and what does not come from Jesus Christ, St. Paul says, is ignorance, loss, dirtiness. “From him everything, through him everything, in him everything”... “Jesus Christ is everything and in everything”, he is at the bottom and at the centre, at the head and around all things, and “it is necessary that he reigns!” (APim, 128).

Fill the gaps in the day with the mysteries of the rosary and you will then be happy in the day (Una buona Parola, 6, 92).

St. Paul has an idea that haunts him: Jesus Christ; he has an ideal to which he aspires with all his might: Jesus Christ; a passionate love that is the spring of his whole life: Christ (APim, 144).

The hours of Adoration are your first work; not only that but the centre of the day to which you must direct all your other work; and from which all your interior life and exterior activity will take vigour and comfort (APD47, 126).

How beautiful are the machines destined for those who preach the good news. In front of his machine, the Apostle of the Good Press experiences something more than did Saint Francis when there flowed from his soul his hymn to Brother Sun (AE, p. 366).

Jesus Christ is the lens, the prism that helps St. Paul to study all the aspects of the life of man and to solve all the problems of the Christian life (APim, 144).

Always straining forward like Christ the propagandist, like Paul, walker for God. Feeling the Apostle’s “Christ lives in me” is to accompany the Church in her difficult journey (APim, 146).

Evangelization to be carried out in every age and every place, in accordance with God’s command: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation”. As all are called to salvation so all must know the truths revealed by God, the precepts to be observed and the means of grace in order to reach their objective (UPS III, 124).
















We are not sons and daughters of St. Paul if we are not always on the go in our spiritual work, in knowing ever better the Lord, the Gospel, the doctrine of the Church, our Constitutions, and in observing religious life ever more perfectly and progressing in the apostolate (APim, 147).

Like St. Paul, the apostle of the editions must be a great heart that embraces all of humanity, his activity tireless and heroic. He must learn from his model the art of making himself “all for all”. The secret is love: “In all things, charity!” (APim, 147).

St. Paul the Apostle is the true Founder of the Institute. In fact, he is its Father, Teacher, exemplar and protector. He himself has made this family through an intervention so physical and spiritual that not even now, reflecting up-on it, can we understand it and much less explain it (APim, 225).

Activity shall not save the world, but grace; nor shall those who work only exteriorly, but the Saints! (APD47, 284).

The Liturgy is something alive and life-giving, something holy and sanctifying. It is, in a certain sense, the consummation itself of Jesus Christ whereby he continues to be in his Church the Teacher, the sacrificial Victim, the Sanctifier: Way, Truth and Life for humanity. The Liturgy is thus God’s Word, a school of holiness, and a source of grace (AE, 230).

Many fall into the error of giving great importance to exterior activity than to interior life. You must avoid and fight such errors ... The first apostolate is the apostolate of our sanctification. No one is dispensed from it (APD47, 272).

Live Paul! ... Live and enlighten darkened minds, live and sustain the ardent apostles of our day in their struggles; live and bring to intimate souls, to souls who love closer communication with God, your elevations and your contemplations! (APim, 214).

After a sermon on Paradise, Master Giaccardo asked: What more could I do to acquire the most beautiful Paradise? Here is an aspiration that we can make our own: what more can we do to acquire a more beautiful Paradise? (Predichedel Primo Maestro, 24s).

[There are] souls that are waiting! Let no one miss, as far as we can, the divine light. It is the life of St. Paul. It is to feel the apostle of “Christ lives in me”. It is to accompany the Church in her difficult journey today. Always bent on advancing, like Christ the propagandist, like Paul the trekker of God (APim, 222).

St. Paul had a very strong character. What power worked in him his conviction, his faith! And yet he always showed docility to whoever Providence assigned to guide his steps (APim, 224).

The Lord gives the graces in proportion to and corresponding with the duty he assigns. He enlightens, expands the person’s heart, makes up for what is lacking. He guides the Superiors to know his will and to communicate it properly, to help the persons in the work of their salvation. Count much on these graces (APD47, 167).

Everything is his [St. Paul’s]… He moved everything, enlightened everything, nourished everything. He was its guide, its treasurer, its defence, its support everywhere that the Pauline Family has established itself (APim, 225).

Jesus is presented to us as our model. He is the model of all holiness. He was holy in mind, heart, deeds... Jesus is the religious who pleases the Father in everything. Let us follow in his footsteps (APD47, 390).

St. Paul the Apostle is our Father, Teacher and Protector. He has done everything. This one is called the Work of St. Paul … The life of the Pauline Family comes from the Eucharist but is communicated by St. Paul (APim, 225-226).

It is not that we have elected him; it is, instead, St. Paul who has elected us. The Pauline Family must be St. Paul living today, according to the mind of the Divine Master, operating under the gaze and with the grace of Mary Queen of the Apostles (APim, 225).

It is Jesus who draws the person to himself, who takes him into his heart and talks to him with confidence... Can you not hear that it is Jesus who wants to reveal himself to you, that the Holy Spirit wants to be your Teacher? (APD47, 383).

















Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


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