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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


The more a soul is holy and united with God, the greater is the consolation and interior peace that she enjoys. What do you mean by peace? Peace is the complex of all good things. Therefore, when we say «Gloria Deo, paxhominibus», we wish men all good things (Pr 1, 93).

In the apostolate: joy, great joy in writing, in printing, in spreading the name of God, of Jesus, in making Jesus Christ known (RSp, 105).

Jesus, Divine Master, we adore you with the angels who sang the reasons for your incarnation: “Glory to God and peace to men”. Ignite in us the flame of zeal for God and for souls. Come, Master and Lord! Teach us and reign over us, through Mary, Mother, Teacher and Queen.

Feel the duty of the apostolate. One who feels, anticipates; one who feels, occupies the time intensely. Have the desire to enlighten all peoples (RSp, 12-13).

The first thing to do is to provide spiritual formation: ours is an apostolate, not “work” (RSp, 13).

We must thank the Lord not only for the food he gives us, but also for the whole complex of natural gifts we enjoy... for the air we breathe, for the sun that warms us (RSp, 7).

Epiphany means manifestation. At Christmas, the Child Jesus showed himself to the Jews... but at Epiphany, he manifests himself to the great world of the Gentiles. It is the mystery of an invisible God who now makes himself visible: “The Father reveals the Son” (BM2, 192).

Whoever loves the Gospel, whoever carries it with him, reads it willingly, gradually acquires the spirit of Jesus. Meditation on the Gospel makes divine truths penetrate our souls (RSp, 9).

When faith is missing, the root is missing, and when the root is missing in a tree, it dies. The Lord hears us according to the measure of faith; and if someone has little faith, he is like one who, having little cloth, can make only a little dress for a doll or for a baby boy (RSp, 28).

The soul that loves Jesus, interacts willingly with him, speaks to him about his things, and in substance tells him this: «I am with you, Jesus, you who are the Way, the Truth and the Life... With you who are my strength now and who will be my delight in heaven» (RSp, 6).

Natural birth gives natural life; the rebirth of Baptism gives supernatural, Christian life. In the baptized, it is not only a man who lives; but it is Jesus Christ who lives in man: With Jesus Christ, God and man, the Father and the Holy Spirit dwell in the soul (BM2, 12).

Faith is the root of all sanctification; the spirit of faith is the principle of holiness. From faith: hope, charity, religious virtues. From faith: the fruits of the apostolate (RSp, 28).

Our piety must not be a sterile piety, carried out only to perform a duty that weighs on us: it must be a piety that makes us truly feel the need for God; which makes us truly attain great holiness (RSp, 29).

St Paul’s heart was full of love for Jesus Christ and souls, full of love for the Church: and what contribution did he bring to the Church, saying: «I have worked more than anyone»! (Pr 1, 160).

When God gives a vocation, a mission to a soul, he also gives her all the graces, the help necessary to fulfil that mission (RSp, 28).

Saint Paul gives us a great example of docility, letting himself be led by the advice of others in the fulfilment of his mission and apostolate. When he fell on the way to Damascus and asked, «What should I do?», he was turning to Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ sent him instead to inquire from his ministers (Pr 2, 109).

Change the main defect into the main virtue. What St Paul had of hatred towards Jesus Christ and towards Christians before the conversion, he had the same of love, indeed much more, for Jesus Christ and for souls after conversion (Pr 1, 158).

Is there in us the desire for the word of God? Do we listen to it with fervour? Is there a humble heart in us thirsting for truth? After the meditation, do we remember the intentions made? The abundance of God’s word should not lead us to indifference and neglect (RSp, 35).

«But I have many things to do». The first thing, however, you have to do is save your soul; therefore prayer is needed (RSp, 31).

Vocation is a special grace, and as it is born, so it lives, maintains itself and bears fruit. It comes from a more lively faith, from a more fervent hope, from more ardent charity, from heartfelt piety. Therefore, always ask for an increase in faith, hope and charity (Pr 5, 147).

Our first job is sanctification, then comes the apostolate... Do we believe that our intelligence, our health, the advice we receive on the right and on the left (and not always from God) are enough? No, all this will not be enough. We need light, the grace that comes from God (RSp, 31).

St Francis de Sales says: «Pay no attention if they praise you and pay no attention if they despise you». Do not disturb yourself, continue your way, always walk towards heaven, let yourself be guided only by truth, justice and the desire for holiness (Pr 1, 103).

Behold: Jesus is the light; we must be the reflectors that welcome and reflect it to humanity. So we ask for the gift of understanding the truth (Pr 2, 102-103).

Yes, the mission of St Paul in the Church is admirable... How much we owe him for the organization of the Churches, for those examples of virtue and piety that he left to all of Christianity, for those Letters of his that deserve him an imperishable monument! (Pr 1, 157).

The great love of St Paul for souls is expressed in that «Caritas Christi urgetnos» that urges him to make himself everything to all. He felt everyone’s needs, everyone’s joys, and he testifies to it in his Letters (Pr 1, 160-161).

May our Visit be light for our mind, that is, an exercise of faith, because Jesus is Truth; examination and resolutions, because Jesus is the Way; prayers and supplications to obtain graces, all the graces that are necessary for the spirit, for study, for the apostolate, for poverty, because Jesus is Life (RSp, 30).

Your hands carry the Gospel and must carry it everywhere. Keep in mind and in heart all the Nations of the world and every single soul. Pray for them, as did St Paul who prayed long before addressing the Romans and other peoples (RSp, 13).

Believe that the Lord has established a mission for us, with the necessary help and graces. Faith that is demonstrated with practical life, acting as if everything depended on us, and trusting in God, as if everything depended on Him! (RSp, 27-28).

Is there so much love for God in us that we want this God to be known, loved; let his kingdom come? We need fire in the soul with two flames: the love of God and the love of souls (RSp, 13-14).

Let us ask ourselves a few questions: Do I work spiritually? Am I going to correct myself and improve myself? In study, in piety, in the life of the apostolate, am I wise? Do I guide my soul well? (RSp, 22).

Obtain from Jesus Master a greater intelligence for the apostolate, an ardent desire to help souls to be saved and therefore a generous dedication to the apostolate (RSp, 25).
































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