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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


The liturgy of Lent is tuned to penance; in a spirit of penance, the ashes are blessed and imposed (RSP, 47).

The apostle of the edition focuses on the only treasure, that which is eternal, the heavenly beatitude. The treasure which the apostle wants essentially to guarantee, resolutely and relentlessly, for himself and to his brothers and sisters, to all men and women (AE, 17).

Divine Master, teach me and draw me into the path of your predilections. Let me learn your humility; that I love and seek poverty; that you mortify me interiorly and externally, that I love your will in everything. Have mercy on me! You can infuse me with your tastes and preferences (BM, 349).

Pastoral work is the divine art of governing people’s souls. It is to shepherd them, that is, to guide them to the salutary pastures of the truth and to the sources of supernatural life by way of the straight path of Christian holiness… This is the great work of the priest, whether he preaches from the pulpit, or whether he preaches by means of… a book, a film or a microphone (AE, 28-29).

The press apostolate must also be pastoral. It must be aimed at all the faculties of a person: mind, will, and feeling, so that all three are nurtured with God’s gifts, with God himself, so that the person may be given a God-like transformation (AE, 31).

The Church’s concern as her basic role is to point the way to heaven; and therefore to instruct people in the truths of the Christian faith, morals and worship… The apostle of the edition will therefore take an interest in the sciences and the arts only insofar as they help him to achieve his specific goal (AE, 29).

The object of apostolate of the edition, secondly, is Christian morals; that is, all those rules that help to guide the behaviour and free acts of the person to conform to God’s will. It is to serve God by means of the will: «You shall love the Lord your God… with all your soul» (AE, 20).

Let each one think that she carries God in her heart and behaves as if she were carrying the sacred pyx; each of you is indeed like a sacred pyx, home of Jesus and of the Holy Trinity (APD47, 143).

In creation everything represents God, reveals and praises Him… faith must enlighten and sanctify everything (AE, 23).

Saint Paul… was the tireless Apostle who «become all things to all», was always everywhere, with everyone, with all means. The audacious Apostle… who journeyed the world to renew it in a new light: Jesus Christ (AE, 36).

The apostolate of the edition becomes the voice of the Church, the Pope, the Episcopate, the Parish Priest and the priest. The same voice that multiplies and strengthens as on the loudspeaker in order to reach all and to bring to all the benefits of the truth, of holiness and the life of the Church (AE, 36).

The universality of the apostolate of the edition demands from its practitioner particular yearnings and gifts which can be summed up as to feel with Jesus Christ, to feel with the Church, to feel with Saint Paul (AE, 33).

The object of the apostolate of the edition is the same as that of oral preaching… which includes faith, morals and worship. In this way the Divine Teacher «Way, Truth and Life» is honoured completely. And it responds to the fundamental demands of the person who has a mind, will and heart (AE, 18).

The prime and principal duty of the apostolate of the edition is to communicate to people the Church’s teaching by becoming a relay, a voice, a loudspeaker of the Church, of the Pope and of the Bishops, of the Catholic Priest (AE, 25).

The apostolate of the edition… demands from its practitioner, putting aside one’s private feelings, to always incline one’s mind, heart and will to think, work and feel and, therefore, write in conformity with the Church. That one may have a childlike heart towards her, one who has a mother’s heart for all (AE, 35).

In the footsteps of his model and protector, the Apostle of the Gentiles, the apostle of the edition must have a heart immense enough to embrace the whole world, a tireless and a heroic activity so as to guide people to God and to give God to people (AE, 37).

Since not everyone comes to God in the same way and all have their individual needs, the apostle must learn from his model, Saint Paul, the art of «being all things to all people» and to have that flexibility of adaptation which the Apostle Paul has in his various way of treating people (AE, 37).

Prayer and sacrifice constitute the great strengths of the apostolate. They inspire the apostles, sustain them in the virtues necessary for their state, procure light and comfort and the salvation of people (AE, 61).

The time given to meditation is not stolen from zealous works since prayer is more necessary than action. Indeed the apostle is productive to the degree that he is animated by his interior life, which is nourished, precisely, by meditation (AE, 87).

People who at times want to have recourse to many things but do not pay attention that their heart is not yet completely of God, all of Jesus. To have the heart totally of God, and more and more of God... and always disposed to his will... and always a love that is more ardent for this Celestial Spouse (AP 1958/1, 20).

The visit to the Blessed Sacrament is, for the apostle, a type of audience, a school, where the disciple or the minister goes to meet with the Divine Master Way, Truth and Life AE, 94`).

In the apostolate of the edition, the method called «way, truth and life» is counselled, based on this fundamental principle: that a person has to adhere to God completely; that is, to adhere to God with all of one’s main faculties – will, intellect and sentiment (AE, 38-39).

One of the most beautiful statues of St. Joseph I have seen is the one that is placed in our crib in Rome. St. Joseph is kneeling in front of the Child, looking at him, contemplating, enraptured in love. Here is the adoration (APD47, 114).

The apostolate of the editions… requires an army of people with a special vocation and formation; who act in dependence on the Church, and place their complete trust in God’s power, (AE, 54).

Not only is it important but it is necessary for all Catholics to concern themselves with publishing as a work of Catholic action above all others because it forms the thinking, life and heart of people (AE, 60).

The apostle is to be trained in good time to life-giving prayer, that is, to the practical way of transforming all action into prayer, offering it to God through Jesus Christ, with love-filled faith (AE, 70).

The nobility and the responsibility of the apostolate of the edition obviously requires in the apostle, besides a special vocation, a preparation or, rather, a particular formation (AE, 64).

If the need for spiritual battle holds true for all Christians, it is easy to understand how imperative it is for the apostle. Whatis required of him is to lead not only an exemplary life but also to possess the social virtues reinforced by humility, the spirit of sacrifice, constancy and the love of God and people (AE, 67-68).

What is the secret of the greatness of Mary? Her adherence to the divine will, contained in the sublime response: Ecce ancilla Domini. Finding her most docile, the Lord was able to carry out in her the designs he had conceived for his glory, for the salvation of humanity (APD47, 145).

The need of the apostle of the edition for intellectual preparation is obvious. As such, he is a teacher by nature, call and position. He is one who has the highest teaching post; one who expounds doctrine with breadth and accuracy; one who has an incredible variety of disciples (AE, 66).

In Communion Jesus becomes our nourishment so that his divine Heart may assimilate ours in such a way as to make it one heart with his. Then the Heart of Jesus will heal ours of its infirmities… and he will make it beat in unison with his for the glory of God and the peace of humankind (AE, 85).
































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