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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.





















The apostle must be the good angel who reminds every one of their eternal destiny and the ways of salvation; the angel who speaks of God and of heaven to those children of God whose concerns are with this world only (AE, 384).

The apostle promoter is a dispenser who takes from the Church’s treasury the riches entrusted to her by Jesus Christ and distributes it to people: «This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and dispensers of God’s mysteries» (AE, 385).

The press apostolate without the diffusion may be likened to hiding a lamp under a bushel, to a family without children. Just as a lamp, if it is hidden, does not give light, so the good press, if it remains hidden in warehouses, cannot give light to people (AE, 386).

Own the intentions, feelings, aspirations, desires, having Mary’s plans. Live like Mary. Do you have the thoughts, feelings, aspirations of Blessed Maria? Do you work as Mary would work? Do you feel united with Mary? Do you live in Mary? Are you transforming yourself every day? (APD47, 232).

Jesus Christ, the Father’s apostle, came down from heaven to show the way of wholeness to his lost children. At the completion of his divine mission, having entrusted to the Church the task of continuing his work, he returned to the Father. In the Church…his divine mission is perpetuated in the promotion of the good press (AE, 382-383).

The apostle studies the important spiritual and moral needs of peoples and nations; then he writes and promotes from the pulpit of the press, just like the preacher from the church pulpit. The apostle gives freely what he has freely received from God (AE, 383).

Promotion is not business because there is no barter of goods and money; its aim is not gain but God’s glory and the eternal salvation of human beings (AE, 383).

Jesus Christ taught us not to wait for people, but to seek them out. Like the Teacher, the apostle must promote God’s word in the cities, in the towns, and even in the most remote homes…because all are called to know the way of salvation (AE, 387).

The apostle must learn to forget himself in order to give himself to people and to God (AE, 388).



The apostle’s first and sole goal must be the glory of God and the spiritual good of people. All the rest, works and initiatives, are in view of this ultimate goal (AE, 393).

Banish the thought that people do not enjoy spiritual works. They enjoy them, they want them and they understand them more than we give them credit for. What Cardinal Mercier said still holds true: «You need to stand up yourself in order to pull others up» (AE, 416).








But what is needed more so than in other times is the apostolate of the Press; this Press which good or bad wields an almost hidden power, a power I would call omnipotent, which plots the course of present day society’s reasoning and behaviour (AE, p. 368).

Let people understand that reading of the Holy Books is important and recommended by the Church, because they are God’s writings for everyone and everyone needs them…Everyone can find something good in the Holy Books in order to help them become better (AE, 184).

At present, the press, the cinema and the radio are the most pressing, rapid and effective means of Catholic apostolate. It may be that the future holds other, even better, means. But for the present, it seems that the heart of the apostle can desire no better means for giving God to people and people to God (AE, 484).

May it please the Divine Master, through the intercession of the Apostle Saint Paul, to raise up a host of generous people who will direct the whole of their activity – prayer, work, sacrifice and daring – to these three noble forms of apostolate, setting as their Redemption’s own goal: «Gloria Deo, paxhominibus» (AE, 484).

There is a variety of apostolates: the apostolate of good example, the apostolate of the word, the apostolate of prayer, the apostolate of good works, the apostolate of the Good Press and so on (AE, p. 368).

The press apostolate, like the word apostolate, needs to be brought back around the altar and the tabernacle…Let us return to the sources! Only in this way shall we have complete worship, the perfect Christian, the person nourished in mind, will and heart! Only in this way can we truly love the Lord with all our heart, all our strength and all our mind (AE, 429).

The editorial, technical and diffusion are the three parts of a sole apostolate which the religious Congregation of the Pious Society of Saint Paul aims to implement for God’s glory and the good of people’s souls (AE, 444).

In the fullness of his love for God and for his fellow human beings, the apostle is to learn how to utilize everything that providence offers him for his goal so that all creatures may raise their hymn of praise to their Creator. He is to be so ingenious as to grow roses and lilies from trash and to convert rags into paper for the Gospel (AE, 380).

I believe, O Lord, but let me believe more firmly! I hope, O Lord: but let me hope more surely! I love, O Lord: but make me love more ardently! I repent, O Lord: but make me repent more and more (BM, 30).

If one wants that Scripture reading be productive in people it is necessary to guide them to read the Holy Book with the lively desire to meet Jesus Christ, God’s gift; to read it in humility, faith and prayer, and with the desire to change their life (AE, 184).

Since the saints are friends of God and ours, too, they are glad to help us contribute to God’s greater glory and to support us, their brothers and sisters, seeing our plight and recognizing that it was once theirs (AE, 274).

The task of the apostle-writer is to address the simple people, the masses, to communicate to them the faith, morals and Catholic worship, with regard to eternal life (AE, 275).

There are those who imagine Saint Paul like this: with his eye on the geographical panorama of the pagan world, his soul tense night and day to all peoples to communicate to all the holy ardour that consumes him and transforms him into Jesus Christ. Every apostolic soul should be no different (AE, 350).

Biblical publications should be pastoral. Pastoral because they are prepared by apostolic-minded people, pastoral in appearance, pastoral in the choice of notes and, insofar as possible, in their low cost; pastoral in that they are addressed to all people (AE, 183).

What the apostle has to aim for is to perfect not just one of the human faculties, but the whole human person gifted with intellect, will and feeling, while at the same time setting out for oneself the truth to be believed, the way to be followed and the means to acquire God’s grace in order to believe and to act in accordance with one’s own vocation (AE, 222).

The apostolate needs talented writers who dip into the Heart of Jesus and convey their thoughts on paper…Chosen writers who win hearts, satisfy the minds, sway the wills. Writers who know how to adapt themselves to the times…to categories of people they are dealing with (AE, 378).

Ask for the grace to attend the Holy Mass well, always better, in the spirit of the Holy Virgin. You must intimately enter into the spirit of Our Lady and possess the same sentiments. The whole life of the Pious Disciple is a continuation of the life of the Madonna: the Pious Disciple must live with the Madonna (APD47, 173)

Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


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