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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


Love of satisfaction that rejoices in the greatness, the virtues and the privileges of Mary; love of benevolence that yearns, prays and acts so that devotion to the Virgin Mary may take over and inflame the hearts of all. Love of gratitude for the benefits that she lavishes on us (AE, 205).

The apostle will know the time and place to remove the veil that hides from our gaze the inner life of the Virgin Mary and highlight how uncomplicated and orderly it is, the envy of the Angels themselves. A life that can be summed up in what should be the ideal of every Christian: All for Jesus, all with Jesus, all in Jesus (AE, 204).

O Lord Jesus Christ, who gave us your own Mother Mary as Mother, and infused her with so much power and mercy, grant us this grace: to always have the mind and heart turned to her: in life and especially in death; to obtain the fruits of your copious redemption (BM, 355).

Indeed, what veneration should we not render to her whom the Word incarnate reveres as his Mother, the Father contemplates lovingly as his beloved Daughter, the Holy Spirit regards as a temple of predilection! (AE, 205).

In a certain village there was a primary school teacher who was so good at catechism that everyone said: “She is better than a nun”. This was because of her great care, zeal and love for the catechism. Be like that too and above all know the catechism. “But I have a hard head!” some-one will say. Place it in the Tabernacle, and it will become soft (PrP I, 40).

Ask Jesus the Good Shepherd for the grace to be always joyful, to live a simple and happy life. When you possess Jesus, you are joyful. On this point, you must take a step forward (PrP I, 133).

If our apostolate will truly follow God, the Writer and Publisher, it will be truly fruitful and will have no end: vocations will multiply. Vocations follow us when they see us give men God’s wisdom (RSP, 82).

How happy the Good Shepherd will be if this year you make an effort to know Him, love Him and imitate Him more. May Jesus the Good Shepherd bless you and give you the grace to speak with Him in the Tabernacle: in intimacy with Jesus many things are easily understood (PrP I, 12)









Jesus is truly a Good Shepherd, who gives his life for his sheep. He gives us the spiritual Life of Grace, He gave it to us by dying for us on the cross and He still gives us all of Himself in Holy Communion. The Christian in grace lives in Jesus (PrP I, 44).

The heart of the Shepherdess, little by little, must become like that of the Good Shepherd, who searched for souls through valleys and cliffs. Love, therefore, the sinners, and also those souls who so deserve our compassion. Let us have pity on them who groan and ask for our help! (PrP I, 98).

The ministry of the souls is the most delicate. What a responsibility! The greatest vocation is that of forming souls. Your vocation is beautiful... The work on souls is the work of God, it is the work of Jesus the Good Shepherd, who came on this earth for souls (PrP I, 22).

Your formation must carry this double-resolution: to be entirely of God and to exercise the pastoral apostolate. The most beautiful, the most sublime, the most elevated, the most holy piety consists precisely in wanting to be of God (PrP I, 116).

You have to obtain this: that Jesus’ love may triumph, that he may reign everywhere. Imitate the Most Holy Virgin so as to obtain it. She was completely of God, she was Most Holy! She brought about Jesus’ coming with her holiness, prayer, desires and consent (APD47, 225).

How much goodwill you do to the souls, in the parishes? How abundant will your apostolate be? You will do all the more good, the deeper and wider the work on your soul, the more interior life you will have (PrP I, 22).

What is and what must be the thought and desire of a doctor? To heal and cure the sick. And what must the thought of the Shepherdess be? To save souls. This love is her badge. The Pastorelle sister must be a soul consecrated for souls (PrP I, 119).

Do you know what is needed for the growth of the Pastorelle? It takes holy souls who are a solid foundation. Holy souls will obtain good vocations, development of works, abundant fruits for your apostolate. Thank God for the vocation he has given you to holiness and to the apostolate (PrP I, 104).

To be holy means not to be of the devil, but to be wholly and only of God. It means having every fibre of one’s being to belong solely to God. There is not a moment of the day that is not spent for God alone (APD47, 226).

Some are afraid of sin in a disorderly manner because their fear is not moderated by the trust. They live in fearful and dangerous agitation, in scruple. Others instead are not afraid, as if the religious would not fail. This is a harmful error because security is for nobody on earth (APD47, 261).

The Society of St. Paul, in the spirit of the great Apostle, adopts the fastest and most efficient means of good. After the press, the cinema, it’s the radio. She seeks only and always the glory of God and the peace of humanity. She desires nothing except what is good (APim, 222-223).

To do the Visit well is not merely to recite the prayers during the time set. To make the Visit is somewhat similar to that of close friends who make friendly visits among themselves. They visit and they are visited, they ex-change gifts, they talk. Mary did so, visiting St. Elizabeth (APD47, 365).

The person that is full of God, insensibly, invisibly, but with the same certainty, attracts grace and does well. The grace is there, it must be obtained by souls and those who are full of it will obtain it (APD47, 278.279).

You are called to live Jesus’ love in the world, Jesus living and true in the sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist. However, in order to do this, it has to be asked: do you really belong to Jesus? Oh, may you truly be! In all things and in every single thing! (APD47, 229).

The measure of love is this to fulfill God’s will. The Di-vine Master could testify of Himself: “I always do what pleases Him”. Be indifferent to whatever is commanded, ready for anything, in a way that the Lord can really do with us everything that he wants for his greater glory (APD47, 234).

I know that your vocation is a vocation of intimacy, of special perfection. A vocation to love, similar to that of the Most Blessed Virgin. Who shall succeed in it? Up to what point should you correspond? With what generosity will you pronounce your “fiat”? Will you give to Jesus that which he expects from you? (APD47, 244).

The spiritual life, which can be compared to a journey and it is, in reality, a journey towards eternity... Along this path, one will experience shocks, inconveniences, discomforts. But when there is fidelity to one’s own vocation and mission... The religious person has the greatest and surest sign of salvation (APD47, 258).

Wonderful are the scenes wherein the Apostles gathered around Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She was the Mother, the Teacher, and the Queen of Apostles. She enlightened them, guided them, prayed, and they went, made known to the faithful the heart of Mary, her great qualities, her power over the heart of God (APim, 24).

The “I wish” does not mean much; what is needed is “I want”. Not many years shall pass and there will no longer be any one of us. Let us enter into our very selves and say one of those “I want” that assures perseverance. Have courage and keep on (APD47, 266).

In order to sustain your external work effectively, take greater care of your interior life. The interior life enlightens minds, stirs hearts, strengthens wills, and brings souls back to themselves so that they may provide for their eternal salvation (APD47, 277).

If you have three zeros you have nothing, but if you will place a unit before, you will have a thousand. Always and in the first place is the precious unit formed by the apostolate of the interior life. Let us try to understand it well (APD47, 272).

What does apostolate mean? It is our action to give glory to God and peace to men. It is to do good (APD47, 271).

Apostolate of the interior life means: to struggle to correct ourselves; to work to purify our conscience; to take care even of the small things; to try to be more patient, more kind, more united to God every day... It also means to have more sincere faith, more steadfast hope and more ardent charity (APD47, 273).
























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