Sr Grace Lee

The year 2021 is almost ending. Before I can start thinking of what the future holds for me, I know that I must count my blessings of this year to ensure that I completely account for what life has given me so far.

My heart is brimming with gratitude and joy, for God has given me superabundance of material and spiritual wealth. I know that I also have received my share of sufferings and sorrow. Looking at other people’s lives, I am so conscious that my life of 85 years has been filled with so many blessings and good fortune. Being human, I also feel at times that I have to endure quite a bit of sickness, pains and unfair treatment from others. But I have learnt that life is not a bed of roses. What God has given me is more than what many others have received. Now I can start to count my blessings from the time I was born.

First I was born into a good and Christian family. My parents were not poor or rich. We have everything we needed to live a good and useful life. My father’s generosity was well known to our relatives and friends. He would always help those in need, whether orphans or those who could not make ends meet.

I got a wonderful education, the best that life could provide. God endowed me with adequate intelligence to make it to the best status for someone in my situation. I was trained as a professional teacher. This training meant that I could read and write fluently. Being born in the print media, I could use writing to my best ability.

Another big talent is my business acumen, inherited from my father who was a superb business man. Even as a religious sister, this business sense helped me do administration and other related skills in religious life. It is not unknown that some naïve sisters have been deceived and cheated of money in their business transactions. Money is meant to be used for good, and we must be good and prudent stewards.

But my biggest blessing is the house that we are living in Shatin. It is an exceptionally beautiful and functional building, located at the top of a small road. It is independent of other buildings. The price was so low at the time of sale, now it is worth ten times its value. Shortly after we bought the house, we also bought two big rooms at the bottom of the road. These rooms serve as our stock rooms where we keep all our books and AV material. Here we also park our small van which enables us to bring our stocks to the schools and churches that we visit.

Our spiritual wealth lies in the Blessed Sacrament kept in our specially designed chapel on the second floor of our building. Every day and any moment we can visit our Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Without this precious treasure in our midst, our life would be meaningless. Here we pray as soon as we rise in the morning and at night before we retire to rest. Even when we are sick, we can feel the Lord’s healing presence.

What I have enumerated above are some of the blessings that God gave me, but he continues to shower me with more blessings as needed for my life and for the mission. All I can say is a huge THANK YOU GOD for everything I have received. And I pray that I may always remember it is God who has done all things for me. Praise be his name and may his kingdom come.

Our home in Shatin

Our chapel

Our warehouse and van

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