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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


The earthly Liturgy accompanies the soul up to the gates of Heaven. It is left here because the most beautiful, most perfect, eternal heavenly Liturgy begins. Oh! what an intimate communion with God, what intimacy of life with the Most Holy Trinity! (APD47, 476).

The Liturgy of down here prepares us for the eternal Liturgy, which is also: joy... The liturgy creates in us a taste for heavenly things and introduces us to the fulfillment of the divine promise: “Take part in the joy of your master” (APD47, 490.491).

I pray to you, O Lord, to enlighten my intellect; to inflame my will; to purify my body; to sanctify my soul. Let me deplore my past iniquities; that I reject future temptations; that I correct the vicious inclinations and cultivate the virtues according to my state of life (BM, 33).

You must do even more; do not stop at the exterior, but penetrate the depths of the Liturgy, do something more, something different from what everyone else is doing and achieve the true apostolate: to bring souls to the Eucharist! (APD47, 144).

All the souls that have taken pleasure in reading St. Paul became robust souls. He who reads St. Paul and familiar-izes himself with him comes to acquire little by little a spirit similar to his (APim, 242).

St. Paul walked: the Divine Master conquered him on the road to Damascus, and Paul, after taking the opposite path, did not stop anymore… He walks today more than ever, in every direction, even carried by members of the 342 Pauline houses who love him, pray to him, preach him (APim, 235).

Paradise requires efforts. “The Kingdom of God has suffered violence”. Do violence to oneself, opposing curiosities, bad tendencies, pride, sensitiveness, facility to give in to laziness; always violence! Violence in making the examination of conscience, so as to pray well (APD47, 537).

Difficulties will not be lacking, but the Bridegroom is with you, do not be afraid!... You will meet with hardships and thorns but look to the end. Where does this narrow way lead? It will lead to that heavenly homeland where you will finally find Jesus forever in the purest joy (APD47, 496).

Know and meditate St. Paul in his life, works, letters; so as to think, reason, talk, work like him. And invoke his fatherly assistance (APim, 227).

The religious must observe not only the Commandments and the duties of ordinary Christians but must strive for holiness in everything. His/her thoughts, his/her wishes, his/her feelings, his/her words... They must model every-thing on Jesus (PrP I, 103).

The holy religious has the great concern of filling herself with God. She is always united to Jesus: nothing disturbs her, nothing agitates her, nothing stops her in her ascent towards God. She should always be united with God, not only in prayer but also in all her works, not excluding the smallest ones, like Our Lady (PrP I, 104).

And we, do we imitate our Father in prayer? Are we devoted to St. Paul? It would be strange if a daughter never spoke to her father! (APim, 246).

All the ascetical and mystical doctrines, in addition to those dogmatic and moral, are contained in the Liturgy. The Liturgy is the way to possess God, the way and preparation to the eternal vision and everlasting joy (APD47, 492).

To know better St. Paul… “Know your Father”: his holy life, his apostolate, his doctrine, his power before God. To know the Apostle of Christ, the Teacher of the gentiles, the Minister of the Church, the Vessel of the election, the Preacher of the gospel, the Martyr of Christ (APim, 228).

It does not matter that one medium or another is used; it matters that there are ardent hearts and souls that want to pour all their fullness into the hearts of people. This is the soul that wants to do the apostolate, whatever means it uses: press, cinema, radio, school, the spoken word, etc. (Haec Meditare II, 7 [1947], p. 133).。

Love, true love, is inventive. When one has fire in one’s heart (not something sentimental and vapid), one finds many initiatives and many industries. True love is that which is shown by the effort of each day for the apostolate: it makes one think, run, organize (Haec meditare II, 8 [1948], pp. 179-180).

One more thing for you in particular: you have the prayer book. There are not only formulas but also introductions. At the beginning is the invitation: how to meditate, visit, examine, etc... Read it often (PrP I, 11).

This will be your profession, your occupation: to help souls to reach Paradise. This needs to enter well into the soul. By entering here, you begin to think of souls, to nourish a new thirst, the thirst of the souls (PrP I, 118).

Since the prime duty of human beings is to know and ad-here to the truths of faith: “We were created to know… God”, such truths revealed by God and which the Church teaches and proposes to us as the object of our faith, must be the publishing apostolate’s primary object (AE, 18-19)

Forming vocations: where will they flourish? Where there are lilies of purity, roses of charity and violets of humility. But it is not enough to accept them and bring them into the congregation; we need to know how to form them. Zeal and love for souls! (PrP I, 128).

Offer the year to the Lord to obtain graces for your institute and for each one in particular: to the institute, many beautiful vocations; to each one, that she may become holy. Prayer for these intentions fosters union and charity; Jesus will be pleased and will love you as the beloved lambs (PrP I, 114).

To be a sourpuss is to have no vocation. Have much piety in your heart, deep delicacy of conscience, which will bring joy to your whole life (PrP I, 117).

Pray to the Divine Master to draw all people to his school of truth, goodness and grace (APD47, 119).

The essence of devotion to Mary is, in other words, to go to Jesus through Mary (AE, 204).

Religious life is a paradise on earth when there is obedience on the one hand and goodness on the other. Sow joy and goodness among yourselves. People should say of you: How they love each other (PrP I, 125).

If after Communion you only say: “Jesus, I love you”, He will not be pleased; you must add: “Jesus, I love you and I love souls”. Recite the act of charity well, in full. Say to the Lord: “Make me love souls as you have loved them” (PrP I, 119).。

Mary ... is more than a mother to us; she is more caring, more attentive than an earthly mother can be to us. Trust, because this Mother is good, Mary is good. “I am your mother, you are my son” (AP 1958/1, 16).

The works of the apostolate have the office to expound, popularize and spread God’s life-saving truths, as set out by the Church, which alone has the task of guarding the sacred deposit of truth and is the Teacher of faith in the world (AE, 140).

At the end I sensed a revelation. I understood that this practice took up the whole of man’s life and I felt the desire that everyone should know, practice and live this devotion [to Jesus Master Way, Truth and Life]: to communicate and give good is the most beautiful gift that one can give to those one loves (PrP I, 12).

As we ardently desire to make ourselves holy, so must we desire it for our neighbour. For the souls give your time, your strength, your health. Blessed [is the person] who on his deathbed can say: ‘I have given my life for souls’ (PrP I, 120).































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