Association of Pauline Cooperators at a Glance


2018 - Celebrating 100th Anniversary

2016 - The Macau APC was established

2016 - An APC Member Made Her Promise

2013 - 3 Lay Persons Joined the APC

2011 - 4 APC Members Made their Promise

2008 - Launching of the APC

The Association of Pauline Cooperators

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Working alongside the Sisters in book displays



Some lay people wish very much to be involved in the spreading of the Good News to the world, but they don’t know what to do.
And they also feel they need to come closer to Jesus and share his life and mission.


Here is the very thing these lay people are looking for – an association which allows them to join forces and do some good work to bring the Good News to people around them. This association also helps them to develop their spiritual life and come closer to Jesus, and share in his life and mission.


All people, Catholics and non Catholics can join this Association of the Pauline Cooperators (APC). They come to learn about the vision and mission of the Pauline Family composed of 10 religious institutes. Two of these religious institutes are called THE SOCIETY OF ST PAUL (for priests and Brothers) and the DAUGHTERS OF ST PAUL who work in publications, radio, television, films, electronic media etc. These Religious use the media as a way of spreading the Word of God and they follow in the footsteps of St Paul who traveled to the ends of the world to preach Jesus Christ and even gave his life for him.


The APC members work alongside the priests and sisters of the Pauline Family, in the case of Hong Kong, with the Daughters of St Paul. Whatever the sisters do, the members can help and participate in the activity. It is not only work that the APC members search for, they also wish to know and grow in the Pauline spirituality, learning how to pray and be closer to Jesus who declares himself to be THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE of the world.

APC members meet once a month . Their Meeting includes praying together according to the Pauline formulas. They read and meditate on the Word of God, they receive inputs on the Pauline spirit specially tailored to the needs of modern lay people’s.spiritual welfare. They share their faith with one another, and then they plan some activity to share in the life and mission of the sisters.

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