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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


Evangelical workers are needed for works. It is something the Divine Master wants. He tells us to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send good workers into his harvest. He himself sought out his future apostles, he trained them, he sent them out! He sanctified them at Pentecost so that they could undertake their work (UPS I, 21).

There are many apostolates in the Church. However, if these do not lead persons to the Sacred Host, they are merely noise, words and not spirit and life. Your apostolate is magnificent, it is immense; there can be no effective activity without it. All the other apostolates should end up in yours and none of them can exist without yours (APD47, 355).

Ignite in me, O Virgin Mother, a great desire for Paradise. Increase in me the virtue of hope; and increase it in all souls; so that they may consider the earth as a preparation for heaven (BM, 394).

Penetrate as much as possible into Christ, into his thoughts, into his perfect adoration, into the praise he gives to the Father until you can truly say: Christ lives in me... Have the same sentiments of Jesus (APD47, 385).

Self-identification in Jesus Christ. It is an immense way and you can progress in it until you want (APD47, 391).

Reading Sacred Scripture, considering the truth, rereading what has been heard and meditated on, letting the truth penetrate the soul (APD47, 389).

The most Holy Mary brings together in herself all the qualities of [God’s] creation and other even more sublime ones. It was to her, chosen beforehand to be the Daughter of the Father, the Mother of the Son, and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, that God communicated all that is communicable of his perfections (AE, 116).

To visit Jesus, to bring him something, to talk intimately with him.To ask him if he is well, if he is happy if he is disgusted... Are you pleased with me? Then, you give him your news: this morning I did...; you know I have these difficulties: that I cannot do my duty; that I need that grace (APD47, 365).

Make a good confession to purify our soul and make it worthy to receive Jesus. Never commit sin, so as to prepare a place for Jesus in our hearts. Prepare for him a cradle of love, beautiful and warm of affection, so that he shall gladly dwell there (APD47, 367).

Since the Virgin Mary holds the primacy among the Saints, she is, after Jesus, the most beautiful model we could imitate. The Holy Spirit, who dwelt in her through the merits of Jesus Christ, made her a living copy of her divine Son. To draw close to Mary is to draw close to Jesus (AE, 203).

Practice charity of the heart. Desire the good of the Sisters, desire that they may be saints, be glad of their gifts, of their good example of which you must not be jealous, understand their need and make them yours (APD47, 430).

After bringing his Bride in the private cell of his love and intimacy, Jesus says things that are mysterious and reserved, like those described in the Song of Songs (APD47, 392).

We are children (of St. Paul). Children have their life from their father. Therefore, live in him, by him, for him in order to live Jesus Christ (APim, 227).

Remain in humility, always in humility, it is the condition to obtain graces, all the graces (APD47, 381).

If someone would say: I totally abandon myself to the Lord; He may use me as a dust cloth or as altar linen; I am in his hands and I only seek to please Him, my Spouse. If she really possesses this disposition, she is well underway towards holiness (APD47, 427).

Think well of everybody; do good to everybody; desire sincerely the good of all (APD47, 430).

With joy let us take the book of the Constitutions, let us kiss it, let us meditate on it because in it are indicated the best means, the optimam partem [the best part] for the maximum: holiness. The fullness of faith, the exuberance of hope, the ardour of charity...; yes, happy to give God everything, for everything! The current is always at high voltage! (UPS I, 43).

The particular feature and the most suitable one for the publishing apostle when he reflects on Mary is undoubtedly that of “Queen of History” (AE, 113).

Learn charity. Love, love, love!... It is not only to think well but to desire what is good, to speak well and to do good when you can. Make life beautiful and joyful to those who live together with you... No sadness, no sulking, no envy; walk in peace, in joy and in love (APD47, 528).

Donation must be lived with an everprogressive rhythm: in the mind with frequent thought of God... in the will with perfect submission to the divine will... in the heart by subordinating all the affections to divine love, so that Jesus may truly become the centre of all life (APD47, 56).

Stay calm, serene, and await the graces as if they were already obtained (APD47, 53).

Organize the apostolate well. Do not immediately think of many novelties; improve and develop that which is already existing; let the works that were started mature and produce. Above all, pay attention to the substance and be constant (APD47, 434).

[The Pauline Family] resolves to represent and live St. Paul, today, thinking, being zealous, praying, sanctifying itself as St. Paul would do if he lived today. He lived the two precepts of love for God and neighbour in a manner so perfect as to let Christ be seen in his person: “Christ lives in me” [Gal 2:20] (APim, 226-227).

Our Congregation was born for the spread of truth and of all that is useful for a loftier way of life, particularly in view of our eternal salvation (UPS III, 131).

The Pious Society of St. Paul is a religious congregation that was founded in our times and concerns itself specifically with the publishing apostolate (AE, 56).

Jesus makes silence, lovingly keeping silent according to his eucharistic state; he teaches and lives... You who often keep Jesus’ company through the Visit, the Adoration, you should quickly learn to live like him. Jesus Host is your most attractive, most perfect model (APD47, 522).

How miserable are we and how good is the Lord on the other hand! We will never understand God’s goodness, no matter how much we study it. May you have the trust that God has forgotten and forgiven the past mistakes: trust that he shall make you saints, in spite of everything (APD47, 437).

May you have faith and do not doubt! Jesus says: “If you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you would be able to say to this mountain: ‘Move from here to there’ and it would move!” Do you have this faith? Do you have at least a mustard seed’s worth of faith? Many times we have faith to believe in dogmas, but in the affairs of our everyday life, faith is weak! Believe without wavering! (APD47, 52).

Did the Lord not prove how good he is with you? Why have you not learned yet to trust in his word, in his promises? “Knock and the door will be opened to you; ask and it will be given to you” (APD47, 438).

The Heavenly Father is much, much better than the earthly fathers; he will give you his spirit, he will give you the holiness you desire if you ask for it with confidence. He will give you other things he shall give you in so far as they are for his glory and for your good (APD47, 438).

Love this God who first loved you and who has been thinking of you from all eternity. He has given you birth in pious families, in a Christian country, he has placed in you many good inclinations; he has given you the grace of vocation. Love this God who loves you so much (APD47, 494).
































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