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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


The heart of Paul has become the Heart of Christ: and Je-sus has changed his heart of ferocious lion breathing threats and massacres into a very tender one. It is impossible to read the affectionate passages of the letters of St. Paul and not become emotional: they are words like those of the most loving of mothers (APim, 26).

St. Paul, our father, model, patron, teacher and advocate, will in his church have us all every morning, every day around him, and will communicate to us the spirit of the Divine Master because the heart of St. Paul is the heart of Jesus (APim, 35).

O Divine Spirit, fill my soul with your light, so that I may love God with all my mind; with fortitude, so that I may love my God with all my strength; fill my spirit with your fire, so that I may love my God with all my heart (BM, 430).

Pray to the Apostle Paul so that he may obtain for us that abundance of grace that he received from the Lord. Those who went to him on earth obtained so many spiritual goods and even material ones. Now that he is glorious in heaven we can ask him, hope in him and receive from him (APim, 45).

We shall imitate his virtues. We shall often ask ourselves especially: what would St. Paul do if he were in my place? (APim, 46).

Your Family is under the action of the Holy Spirit; he enlightens it, governs it, supports it, guides it. You will find the ways and means to fulfill all of your mandates under his guidance (APD47, 160).

Mary’s power of intercession: God will not refuse anything legitimate to the One whom he venerates and loves more than all creatures. The goodness of a mother who showers on us, members of Jesus Christ’s mystical Body, the affection she bears for its Head, her divine Son (AE, 205).

Know St. Paul and thank the Lord for having done so many wonders through the Apostle Paul: converting him from Judaism, enriching him with so much knowledge, enkindling him with the purest love for Jesus, filling him with the most holy zeal and giving him constancy up to martyrdom in preaching the Holy Gospel (APim, 45).

There are two sins opposed to hope: despair and presumption… St. Paul was never presumptuous… The fruits of hope are a sweet serenity in the midst of pains, the constant consideration of ourselves as pilgrims here on earth since we have a better homeland (APim, 53.54).

Imitate a little the virtues of St. Paul, particularly those in which he distinguished himself more: humility, charity, promptness in corresponding to the graces of the Lord and in addition those virtues that have attracted the admiration of the whole world, that is, his zeal for souls, his spirit of sacrifice and his unshakable faith (APim, 45).

St. Paul was so full of love for Our Lord, so convinced of his doctrine that he always spoke of it, everywhere, with great ardour, night and day (APim, 46).

The Lord has given us great grace in giving us St. Paul as Father, Teacher, Model, Friend and Protector. He is a miracle of doctrine, a prodigy of zeal, a hero in every virtue (APim, 43).

Charity towards God can be considered as the state of grace. Indeed, it is inseparable from the state of grace. It is so necessary that St. Paul writes the hymn to charity (APim, 56).

May all your life be a “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit”. You will spend eternity in this: to glorify the Father through the Son, to go to the Father through the Son, in the Holy Spirit! This is the way which Mary followed, which St. Paul indicates to you, the way which you must take (APD47, 495).

The faith of St. Paul was constant in the face of the great-est difficulties. After his conversion, he never had any more a moment of doubt, not a moment of hesitation, even amidst grave difficulties (APim, 50).

St. Paul, full of joy at the thought of heaven, said: we are happy because of our hope. And elsewhere: we have great comfort in thinking of the hope that is in our heart like a firm anchor that almost succeeds in tearing open the veil that hides heaven from us. We are children of God. If children, we are heirs, heirs of God, co-heirs of heaven (APim, 52-53).

The whole life of the Apostle is charity: it is an apostolate of good for others, so much so that St. John Chrysostom wrote: “Just as iron, when placed in the fire, also becomes fire, so Paul, aflame with love, became totally love” (APim, 59).

Put on the loins of mercy, kindness, humility, patience, supporting one another and pardoning each other’s of-fences. He exhorts us to love one another in peace as if we formed a family, or, better, just one body and one soul, one supporting the defects of the others (APim, 60).

Jesus wants to feed and satisfy you with Himself. “Who-ever is thirsty, let him come to me and drink”. “I am the living bread come down from heaven” (APD47, 351).

The Eucharist is under the appearance of the most com-mon food. Yet it contains Jesus Christ, God and Man. Likewise, must it be for the apostle of the press. In the simple format of a book or a news sheet, presented in an unpretentious way, he must give God’s truth to men and women of all circumstances, in a form that is low-cost and readily accessible, just like bread (AE, 161).





















St. Paul had a penetrating and lively gaze, his demeanour gentle and affable. His genius is extraordinary, his will indomitable, his virtue heroic, his eloquence irresistible, his heart generous, his science vast, his spirit ready and his versatility one of a kind (APim, 78).

The life of St. Paul was totally a life of obedience. Jesus talked to him either directly or through St. Peter; now through visions, now through happenings and special cir-cumstances. And St. Paul was always ready for the voice of God: whatever his intentions were or his special views, obedience was above all else (APim, 65-66).

In Truth, what did St. Paul do? He sowed the Word of God everywhere. For that purpose, he chose the most re-puted places and locations to make himself heard by the greatest number of persons. He looked for them and asked for them at the synagogues, he asked for them in the Areopagus at Athens, at the tribunal of Agrippa, the Theater of the great Diana of Ephesus… (APim, 19-20).

“Jesus Christ, though being rich”, says St. Paul, “made Himself poor for us”. He wanted a poor mother, he lived in poverty and he died very poor. One who detaches his heart from money acquires spiritual freedom to serve the Lord (APim, 68).

How great, therefore, must be our trust and esteem in the power of St. Paul! If he was that holy, how much will the Lord hear his prayers! If he was so powerful on earth, how much more he must be in heaven… Let us never doubt that he cannot answer our questions (APim, 108).

Mons. Ketteler wrote that if St. Paul returned to the world, he would make himself a journalist, and it is sure that he would cling to the best means to do good, and this today is the press (APim, 93).

Already during the time of Paul but especially today, the organization is the work of works: in unity there is strength. A thousand disorganized will don’t have the power of ten men united together (APim, 105).

How many lives are extinguished after having lived in vain! How many works are empty! Remember what Jesus said of St. John: “He was a lamp alight and shining”. First, be ardent in order to enlighten (APD47, 284).

St. Paul in his ardent zeal for the Christian religion knew how to multiply his enterprises and works, making him-self all for all in order to save all (APim, 104).

St. Paul had a true zeal because it was founded on love for Our Lord Jesus Christ. Already we have considered it: his heart burned with the most intense and pure affection for the Lord, on account of which he knew how to suffer all and bear all. And he longed for nothing except to make known Jesus Christ and gain souls for him (APim, 86-87).











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