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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


Peace to men of good will. Goodwill and peace, the gift of peace, which gift includes peace with ourselves, peace with our neighbour, peace with God, holiness (APD56, 33).

Prayer is of infallible efficacy when dealing with spiritual graces, with sanctification, with Paradise. Now it is precisely here that “if you ask the Father in my name, in truth I tell you, He will give it to you” (Jn 14:13). Anyone who does not rely on prayer is on the way to ruin (La passione predominante, 46).

O Jesus, Divine Master, I thank and bless your most compassionate heart for having given us Mary Most Holy as Mother, Teacher and Queen... May all of humanity know her, love her, pray to her! May all permit themselves to be led by her to you, Savior of humanity! (PR 137-138).

Prayer must be born from this: feeling the need for God to unite us more to him, to perfect ourselves, to fight well, to conquer holiness a little bit every day, that is, love of God and love of neighbour, which are the two commandments which, fulfilled well, constitute holiness (APD56, 304).

Faith. The Lord hears us according to the measure of faith. The faith we bring to our prayers is the one that determines the quantity of God’s graces: “Be it done to you as you believed.” You are heard as you believed, according to what you believed (APD56, 59).

What, then, is prayer? Prayer is the elevation of the mind to God; prayer is a request to God for the things that are necessary for us (APD56, 47).

First, the will; second, prayer... If these two conditions are met, goodwill on the one hand and a well-made and abundant prayer on the other, then one walks, one progresses, the steps move forward (APD56, 46).

It is very useful to recite the “Secret of Success”: Lord, I am nothing, I am very much a sinner, but you are mercy itself, eternal wisdom, knowledge, etc. I trust in you, I hope for everything and only from you (APD56, 23).

The main part is prayer. Prayer, so that our life improves, so that it corresponds well to the vocation, that is, to progress. To remain in perfection, since this is the overall, essential duty of religious life (APD56, 202).

And the Magi, having left Jerusalem again, found the star, which guided them to the house, to the cave where the Child was. If we are persevering in our vocation, we will always have graces day after day (APD56, 644).

Our prayer must be persevering. Just as we must always eat to live, so we must always pray so that our spiritual life would not die and, instead, would prosper and be stronger (APD56, 60).

Pray to the Lord. And never cease doing it: “oportet semper orare et numquamdeficere.” Which means: it is necessary to always pray and not give up, never give up, because as long as one fights one wins (APD56, 55).

Prayer is the elevation of the mind that gives honour to God and at the same time a request for us about the things that are useful for us. Medicinal grace is the stimulus of all our energies; it is the warmth that ripens all our good resolutions; it is the cry of the needy, weak, infirm soul (Requiescite pusillum, 2, 138s).

If on one side there is good will and, on the other, there is the demand, the prayer, the supplication, one will go ahead, the years will not be useless, they will not have passed in vain... you will find yourselves progressing in virtue, in union with God, in patience, in all the other virtues (APD56, 65).

Liturgical prayer especially draws Jesus Christ to us in our living, thinking, working, loving. Examination of conscience and prayer: this is the continuous and vital aspiration and inspiration of the Christian (Requiescite pusillum, 2, 136).

Prayer first of all, above all, the life of all. Temptation can come: I have a lot, too much work: but the first work for you, the main contribution to the Congregation is prayer (Carissimi in San Paolo, 98).

“By myself I can do nothing, with God I can do everything.” Humility on the one hand, trust in the Lord on the other, and one will progress, one will progress constantly (APD56, 55).
















Pray that everyone love one another. Let there be one mind, one heart, one language, one speech, and one way of doing. Yes, love well. The world is full of discord. And why?Because so many “egos” are reigning. If God reigned, there would only be God alone. Here lies unity. (APD56, 289).

Let us clothe ourselves with God, the heart of God, the heart of Jesus, the mind of Jesus, the will of Jesus. Then there is only one in the house even of many members: Jesus who thinks, Jesus who loves, Jesus who wills. And how could one live, then, in discord? (APD56, 283).

The way and the disposition to receive God’s graces is always humility, since grace is like water: water falls on the mountain and flows to the valleys. The mountain will remain dry. Thus, the proud do not receive the grace of God (APD56, 58).

Read the Gospel with that love and spirit with which Jesus preached it to men. He aimed solely to glorify the Father and teach men the way of spiritual, temporal and eternal peace. Let us try to make ourselves true disciples... The Gospel came out of the Heart of Jesus; interpret it with a heart full of love (LS 310).

In the Gospel we will find some pages and some speeches that seem to have been written for us, some exhortations of the Divine Master that still speak to us now, his living word that would still penetrate our soul even now (APD56, 25).

Paradise is the possession of God: God is possessed as much as we renounce our will in order to embrace God’s will (APD56, 406).

May we all follow you, O Jesus-Truth, venerating and studying dogmas. May we all follow you, O Jesus-Way, venerating and practicing your precepts, examples, counsels! May we all follow you and live, O Jesus-Life, practicing union with you! That we are the living branches of You-Vine; grafted into you through the Sacraments, Sacramentals and prayer (PR 132).

Men being all children of God, are infinitely loved by him. Longing to talk to them about wonderful things... he wrote them a long letter and gave it to the Church who, as a faithful postwoman, would deliver it to men, so that every man would be enlightened on his way and one day arrive with Him in Paradise (LS 199).

Love of God is the desire to possess God and to live united with him, first, and second, it is this true union of our whole being with Jesus Christ. And the point of arrival is the one indicated by St Paul and it is of the highest degree: “vivitvero in me Christus” (APD56, 128).

O Jesus, you are the vine and I am the branch: I want to always be united to you to bear many fruits of virtue. You are the source: pour out ever more abundant grace to sanctify my soul. You are my head, I am your member: bestow on me your Holy Spirit with his seven gifts (PR 84).

O most glorious Apostle, raise up among the Christian people, holy Apostles and workers of the Press Apostolate, who would work with faith, humility and zeal to spread the kingdom of Jesus Christ (LS 324).

The Lord created us and therefore we live. We came into the world. Behold, coming into the world, created by God, the Lord has destined us for an end and the end is this: in his goodness, the heavenly Father wants to have around him, up there, at his table, many children and there they await us (APD56, 313).

Oh, religious life, life of charity! Patient charity, benign charity, charity that excuses, charity that believes, charity that sympathizes, charity that works, charity that produces, charity that takes away the harshness of life, charity that soothes sorrows and pains, charity that is productive (APD56, 154)

Interior work. There are people who live in fervour and there are people who do not live in fervour. And herein lies the whole reason why one can say: people who are truly faithful to their profession... and people who are not (APD56, 299).

















Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


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