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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


And now, behold, we are heard according to the measure of faith. We are the ones who measure the grace to God: God is willing to perform miracles, but if we do not have great faith, we close his hand! (AP 1958/1, 26).

Lord, do with me what you like! Lead me in your love, lead me on the path of perfection and make me correspond to everything. I open my heart to you, fill it with grace. I believe, O Lord, that your goodness is great. I believe in your infinite love. Do with me what you want (AP 1958/1, 27).

Divine Master, I will follow you everywhere... Draw me in your way, with your kindness and your grace. I want to follow you; but I easily get tired from the harshness of the journey. Sustain my weakness; light up my darkness; comfort my discouragements (BM, 307).




We shall become skilful masters of souls if, first, we have been humble and diligent disciples of Christ (UPS III, 125).

Let each one think that she carries God in her heart and behaves as if she were carrying the sacred pyx; each of you is indeed like a sacred pyx, home of Jesus and of the Holy Trinity (APD47, 143).

All the Institutes taken together form the Pauline Family. All the Institutes have a common origin. All the Institutes have a common spirit. All the Institutes have converging goals (UPS III, 185).

The words have always impressed me: «Truly, You are a hidden God!». He dwells in the Eucharist. Who knows him? Who loves him?... «Lord... may there be in the Church a religious family that not only knows you, but loves you with complete dedication and devotion» (APD47, 133).





In your churches the people must feel the presence of God more, and must feel the need to bend the knee, to adore, to pray (APD47, 147).

Holy Week is the Week of love... Consider the whole Liturgy in this Week, under the aspect of love. Grow in this love; intensify the flame that the Holy Spirit has ignited in you, so that the light may shine on us, warm and give life to us (APD47, 202.204).

Every day the little things that happen, the setbacks, the occasions of merit, have a purpose: to sanctify you! God’s Providence, which disposes everything, is paternal, most delicate, most amiable, most kind; every day he provides what he does for us: for sanctification (APD47, 15).

When Jesus went to Calvary, carrying the cross, he met his Mother. Oh, what agony! Jesus martyr in the body, Mary martyr in the soul. On Calvary two victims, two al-tars, a single offering, consumed on the altar of the Cross and on the altar of the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin (APD47, 333).

The Holy Mass makes Jesus present among us. On our al-tars, we have the same Host, the same Victim, the same Priest of Calvary... Attend the Holy Mass well, which is the same Passion and Death of Jesus that is renewed, offered, applied (APD47, 162).

Recognize that you are good for nothing and present yourselves to Jesus as incapable of everything but very confident in his help. Love for Jesus will make you intelligent, industrious, capable of gaining many merits and of bringing many souls to God (APD47, 161).

In your Chapels, sacred ceremonies must be beautiful, devout, uplifting. Masses well listened to, songs well per-formed, most devout rites, so that your soul is well nourished and comes close to God; so that the faithful who participate feel enthusiastic about true piety (APD47, 147).

All devotions are good, but the Mass is the queen of devotions, the sun of devotions. The others are related to this and are valuable inasmuch as they serve to apply it to us. Every grace comes to us from the Holy Sacrifice. There-fore: more and more devoted Masses, days that are a continuous preparation and thanksgiving to the greatest act of piety (APD47, 162).

On Holy Thursday we commemorate the «he loved them to the end» and the «I am with you always». Just when men wanted to remove Jesus from the earth, he found the means to remain there always and to give himself to them as food (APD47, 222).

It is the Divine Master who speaks to the heart and who calls. When he speaks to you, listen to him with great faith, let yourself be attracted by him. He chooses humble souls. «When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everything to myself» (APD47, 382).

Ask for the grace to understand the order of divine Providence, to walk in its light, to let yourselves be guided by its approval (APD47, 190).

St. Paul was converted through an extraordinary favour, he worked more than all the other Apostles, he illuminated the world with the splendour of his doctrine and of his examples

(APim, 43).

Admiration for the Blessed Virgin, which results from a particular awareness of her privileges, must lead to the most tender homage we can give her, which is imitation (AE, 202).

Do not give in to the temptation to look into the neighbours’ garden... to admire the fruits of others. Your garden is the most beautiful! In this garden, your Beloved awaits you; you know how to find him and converse with him in sweet intimacy. Your vocation is the most beautiful! Do not make useless comparisons (APD47, 178).

Abandon yourself to the infinite Wisdom, the infinite Goodness, the infinite Love of God, and then let him dispose, guide, operate, without disturbances, without agitation, without bewilderment. Nothing, ever, must disturb the soul that has given itself up to God, to be totally his (APD47, 185).

Nothing happens by chance... Our life is woven from small threads, which form the admirable web guided by the wisest hand of God. How much you would sanctify yourself, if you knew how to correspond to even the slightest will of God! (APD47, 188).

You are continually the object of divine attentions, of di-vine predilections. Nothing happens by chance, not even what may seem insignificant. The meeting with that Sister, the indisposition, the cold, the atmospheric changes, every slightest circumstance is guided, is disposed by the infinite goodness of God (APD47, 188).

Love Saint Paul very much; pray to him a lot; read his life gladly; meditate on his letters; try to imitate his sublime virtues (APim, 43).

Let us consider ourselves children of the Heavenly Father, objects of love on the part of divine Providence. Some people restrict this divine Providence to the pot, to the sack of flour... it is much, much more extensive! It goes to reach the smallest details of our life! (APD47, 190).

There are deep intimacies between God and his Bride; spiritual communications, very sweet, reserved however only for those who are truly totally of God (APD47, 207).

Faith and trust! In everything, always, know how to recognize and read God’s wisdom, his love, his goodness (APD47, 195).

Consecrating oneself to the Lord in religious life means reaching a more intimate union with him, and consuming only your existence for him (APD47, 191).

Ask for an increase in faith; faith exercised in small and large circumstances; faith every day, every moment. Al-ways, in everything, everywhere, to see and believe in the presence of that God who loves us so much! (APD47, 201).
























Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


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