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40 Years in Macau

On March 19, 2009, the Daughters of St Paul in Macau celebrated their 40th anniversary of foundation in Macau …

"Book Reading Festival"

To extend the centennial celebration, the sisters launched the …

30 Years in Hong Kong

On a warm and lovely September afternoon in 1978 three Daughters of St Paul arrived in Hong Kong …

Choosing an East Asia Delegate

Sr Ida Porrino chosen to represent the siters in the coming Chapter in Rome …

New Superior General and Councilors

During the General Chapter  in August, Sr Anna Maria Parenzan was elected Superior General …

Eucharist Celebration at St Benedict’s

The Daughters already 100 years old!

Write-up by St Benedict’s Parish

More About Us

Centenary Celebration 1915 -2015

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40 Years at the Service of the Gospel

Set foot in Hong Kong Kong in 1978 to fulfil the great desire of the Founder, Fr. James Alberione …

Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


Our Origin

The Daughters of St Paul is a religious congregation founded in 1915 by Blessed James Alberione in Alba, north Italy. Fr Alberione saw the urgent need to bring the Good News of the Gospel  to those who did not go to the parishes. He understood the power and the immense reach of the press and films. With books, radio, TV, films and now the electronic media, the Word of God can penetrate all classes of society and touch their minds and hearts instantly.


To use all the mass media and now also the social media to bring the whole Christ to the persons in their totality.


Called by the Divine Master, Jesus Christ, in the Eucharist, the Sisters proclaim the Good News through the media of communication and through the witness of their lives.

Foundation in Hong Kong

The Sisters arrived in Hong Kong towards the end of 1978. Of the four Sisters, two were Italian, one  Japanese and one Singaporean. They immediately started to learn the Cantonese language while beginning their mission at the same time.  Using English to communicate with the people, they visited offices, factories, schools and churches, bringing English and Chinese books and DVDs and cassettes to help the people in their moral, cultural and spiritual lives.

At that time, Hong Kong Diocese had 300 Catholic schools. The Sisters translated their foreign publications into Chinese and satisfied the children’s thirst for spiritual reading. It was a great joy to bring beautiful children’s books to the schools, and hear the children say, “I like to read Jesus books.”  

Even in the offices, people were pleasantly surprised to find Sisters offering them good wholesome books which they eagerly bought for themselves and for their children.

The most appreciative supporters of their mission were the parishioners when the Sisters spent their Sundays at their service, bringing them all kinds of spiritual and uplifting books for family life and for spiritual growth.

The late Cardinal John Baptist Wu insisted and encouraged the Sisters in their mission of visiting churches to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our present Cardinal John Tong is also very supportive and cares much for us. We are indeed blessed and thankful in having all this care and concern for our mission and our Pauline apostolic life in Hong Kong.

Today the Sisters (five in the community) fulfil their mission, above all, by the witness of their consecrated apostolic life and in prayer. They operate a small St Paul Media Centre in the shopping mall of PIONEER CENTRE in Mongkok where they can meet people who wish to find God in the books, DVDs, CDs, religious articles, cards and posters specially chosen for them. They also visit the schools and churches, bringing all the material containing the Word of God, good literature and religious articles. On invitations, Sisters also give Talks and animate different groups in the parish.

The Daughters of St Paul are blessed to have a group of Pauline Cooperators who flank them in the mission to schools and churches. This group of dedicated and faithful cooperators are members of the ASSOCIATION OF PAULINE COOPERATORS, also founded by Blessed James Alberione. They share the Pauline spirituality and carry out the apostolate of mass media for the evangelization of the people of Hong Kong.