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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


Humility is all the more precious, the more we have, the more gifts we will have. He doesn’t want us to refuse the gifts, but he wants us to consider them God’s, not ours. The vocation, the gifts of intelligence, the desires for good, everything belongs to God ... The Lord goes in search of souls who know how to receive his graces (PrP VIII, pp. 203-204).

Jesus Master, sanctify my mind and increase my faith. Jesus, teacher in the Church, draw everyone to your school. Jesus Master, free me from error, from vain thoughts and from eternal darkness (Prayers of the PF).

Jesus is the Good Shepherd because he calls souls and saves them, he feeds them on himself: «I am the bread from heaven». Mary gave Jesus to all humanity, those who lived, live, will live (PrP VIII, p. 82).

Asia and Africa struck him the most. The more did man get rid of himself, the more deeply and widely he feels the needs of the poor who do not possess the heavenly gifts brought from heaven to men through Jesus Christ. And this feeling is most alive when one enters into intimacy with the Lord (AD,120).

We are the voice of God, we are his messengers, his postmen who bring his letter to men (Viviamo in Cristo Gesù, p. 73).

Yours is the same mission of Jesus Christ the Good Shepherd who came to save the lost sheep. You are inserted into the Church, united to Jesus Christ, you are living and working members (PrP VIII, p. 234).

Be of good will to your sisters even with the less sociable ones, even with those that make you feel bad. Not only you think well, but desire good, speak well, and do good when you can (APD47, 528).

The sanctifying action of the soul lies in our transformation into God, «so that man might become God» through the food Jesus Christ: nourishing ourselves every day with Jesus Christ, way, truth, life (DF, 11).

Love Mary because she is our great benefactress. Let’s turn back: what we have came to us through her hands. And then let us look forward: all that we hope through Mary, we will receive from her hands. Let us love her, this Mother, and let us pray to her (RSP, p. 442).

Whoever forms the Christian mentality is truly an apostle. To form mentality, giving what people can understand, not only aiming at the offering, but aiming at giving Christian truths, as Jesus came into the world to give the truth (FSP58, p.345).

Collaboration. Not a forced obedience, continuing to keep thoughts, perhaps contrary, the judgments contrary to what is determined and given and said. So, we have to cooperate. In what way? With the mind and then with the heart and then with external activity (APD58, 281).

The good heart knows how to give itself. What does it give? Everything: time, money, life, blood, where necessary. He doesn’t count his hours; he is not impatient to dismiss those who turn to him; he gives himself for the time required (BM,p. 101).

The first condition for the Pauline apostolate is to put on the new man, who, according to God, was created in justice and holiness of truth; which means to feel the love of truth, to possess the grace of the Lord, to observe justice towards God and towards men (UPS IV, 116).














The third condition for the Pauline apostolate is to feel with the Church, to love the Church, to cooperate with the Church: to be its holiest, most devoted and active members (UPS IV, 116).

To think like Jesus with your whole mind. It is a great job to replace our thoughts with the thoughts of Jesus! And it is a great trial ... and also a grace that we must always ask of Jesus,because at times we seem to live more the external forms of religious life than the true spirit of religious life (AP1958/1, p. 173).

Sometimes the works are destroyed by envy, by jealousy: «Utunumsint!». Let there be charity! Certainly charity eliminates many things and putting us together, each brings good to the community, brings her activity, her gifts, but she also carries her defects (FSP-SdC, p. 87).

The second condition for the Pauline apostolate is to put on Jesus Christ: in Jesus Christ, with Jesus Christ, for Jesus Christ: for the glory of God and the peace of men (UPS IV,116).

We must not think that saying «with the mind» one must have always ascetic thoughts or thoughts of faith. To apply the mind to do one’s job well, this is God’s service with the mind (FSP-SdC, pp. 280-281).

When one looks at the souls and the glory of God, one finds the ways and means to approach them, enlighten them, to do the highest charity: that of truth (ACV, p. 190).

How happy the soul that carries Jesus with himself! «My treasure is with me»; what a joy! (APD47, 30).

Heart outstretched towards God, outstretched towards souls; glory be to God and peace be to men. Here, the common life that leads us to consider the image of Jesus in souls, in persons and with which we meet at all times Jesus in the sister, in the brother when we live in common (FSP61*, pp. 51-52 ).

«We know that we are with God – says St. John – because we love our brothers»: therefore whoever does not love his brothers, whoever does not love his sisters is not with God (AP 1958/2, pp. 141-142).

Above all, the Lord asks us that there be a group of saints to use these means and without committing sins. Together with the power of these means ... we must not forget that there is the power of God (CISP, p. 343).

In our daily and varied toil we have the intention: to unite ourselves to Jesus Christ and, with him and in him, carry out the apostolate as loud speakers who transmit his truth, his way, his life (ACV, pp. 189-190).

It is easy to desire that Christian life must be grafted into Christ: now, Christ is Truth, Way and Life; the mind grafted into the mind of Christ, the will into the will of Christ, the heart into the heart of Christ. Thus the man at the judgment will be found conforming to the image of Christ (ACV, pp.31-32).

Knowing how to understand oneself: this is the first step towards a coexistence which, more than that of a good neighbourhood, is a unique relationship, since it is a communion of thought, spirit, aspiration (ACV, p. 152).

For the sheet, the book to be truly a word of life, they must correspond to the particular needs of the soul to which they offer themselves. To achieve this, in general, the propagandist must know the soul with its needs, its sufferings, its desires (AE, 395).

To think like Jesus ... The eight beatitudes indicate the secret thoughts and what Jesus thought of the things of the world; and the things that we have to do in the world, in our life, when we conform our thoughts to Jesus (AP 1958/1, p. 172).

Being grafted into Christ will be able to bear fruits and works that are of man, but made his and elevated by Jesus Christ (ACV, p. 26).

All are to collaborate with those who guide the house; but it is easier to collaborate when the superior also listens to the thoughts, feelings, observations and advice. It requires humility (FSP-SdC, p. 351).


















Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


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