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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.

Ordinarily nature and grace work so closely together that the distinction between them is not seen: but always in only one direction (AD, 28).

Jesus Christ adapted his teaching to the needs of every audience. Note the Gospel that he knew which is in every man. He adapted himself to the fishermen, the shepherds, the Galileans, the Jews, the Pharisees, the disciples and the adversaries... Yet it was always about the message of salvation. He also wanted his apostles to work in this way (UPS IV, 140-141).

O Lord, I beg you to enlighten me more and more; this is eternal life: to know you, O Father, and your Son, our only Master. I love you, O my God, supreme good and eternal happiness…

With Mary, my Mother and Teacher, I will keep your holy words in my mind and meditate on them in my heart. (PR, pp. 68-69).

The mentality is a «forma mentis», a particular way of thinking and consequently of acting, characteristic of a person or a category of people... It determines the path of life (ACV, p.47).

Remove the barriers that prevent water from flooding the soul: take away pride, selfishness... Remove the impediment to grace and, at the same time, work generously (AP 1959,pp. 24-25).

The apostle of publishing will not find great difficulty if he can find the secret of Saint Paul’s adaptation: charity: «Inomnibus caritas» (AE, 37).

Think of grafting yourself into Christ the Master; meditate on what you have done, how you have lived. Then honour Jesus Christ the Master, and let us imbibe more and more this devotion and graft ourselves into Jesus Christ (FSP-SdC, p.297).

There are many departments in the apostolate, and each one will contribute as much as he or she can. But let there be one director who does not do everything... his heart is full of love for God, it is full of love for souls and works in these directions(FSP-SdC, p. 447).

Charity and unity are such blessings that they deserve some sacrifice to be made, or rather to renounce at times something that would seem good to us; but rather than breaking the bond, it is better sometimes to give up a good, and sometimes even not to do so (AP 1960, p. 202).

Pay attention to the needs of a parish, which requires the parish bulletin, a cinema hall, a catechism, Gospel days, a library,etc.; for the needs of the association of teachers,young people, and of artists. The apostle of publishing does everything to everyone (UPS IV, 120).

If you read the things that God has written, you will think according to God; if you read the worldly, empty things, you will become worldly; you will think like worldly people. But we are not of the world, as Jesus was not of the world either (RSP, p. 98).

One is not a Pauline if one does not have a large heart, a large mind to think of all men, nor does one have the spirit of Jesus Christ, who came to give his life for all.

Love everyone, think of everyone, work with the spirit of the Gospel which is universality and mercy. «Venite ad me omnes». Just like the spirit of St. Paul the Apostle, always embracing all peoples who have not yet received the light of Jesus Christ (UPS IV, 118).














It is not enough to read the Gospel, one must assimilate it to think as Jesus thought (AP 1958/1, p. 173).


To govern is to love. The government is an office of charity. Charity to help souls to keep themselves on the path of holiness and on the way of the apostolate (FSP-SdC, p. 345).

The Gospel unites everyone; lived integrally it means Pauline spirituality; which is the one, the true, the necessary spirituality for all. Different occupations, but one spirit (UPS III, 188).

When will we make a clear break from certain reasoning of men who consider only the present life, a clear break from the reasoning of men to replace the thoughts, judgments, desires and feelings that Jesus has for us? Then it comes down to this: that «Christ really lives in us» (AP 1958/1, p. 175).

The first aim of the exercises is to form the religious mentality. What do I mean by that? I mean that the religious man has a special mind... That the Apostolate is the highest occupation, the noblest occupation on earth: to save souls (Viviamoin Cristo Gesù, p. 22).

Jesus exercised humility in the Manger, in Nazareth, in public life. In His passion he exercised it until he took the form of a sinner. In the Eucharist Jesus continued to humble himself. Here he is hidden under the appearance of bread... He can truly say: «Learn from me that I am meek and humble»(APD47, 523).

Providence has placed among us admirable examples to imitate. It can already be said that it is no longer the case to resort to too many facts and examples outside: we have had some among us... We feel we are with them and we feel they are with us. In a special way let us read the life of M. Vigolungo and the life of Master Giaccardo (RSP, p. 496).







Unity of words and ways: here it is demanded that words and ways that create conflicts are carefully avoided... Form the habit of humbly disposing oneself in line and in speaking and having a heart willing to accept the good reasons of the brethren (UPS IV, 119-120).

Unity of prayers... Members of the same religious family must gladly pray for each other... Pray also for the external persons to whom the apostolic activity is directed: students, readers, spectators, listeners, cooperators, etc. (UPS IV,220).

Union of the heart: this union will not be difficult, indeed it will be profound, if one is always guided by the supernatural spirit (UPS IV, 219).

Unity of works... It is true that there are various offices in an institute; but each one brings his or her share to the realization of the whole work (UPS IV, 220).

Unity of minds: charity does not demand of religious not to have any personal opinions, or the obligation always to accept other people’s ideas; but it does produce a wide agreement of views, feelings and goals; the same principles, the same goals, the same means, and  Religious formation brings ideas closer and closer together (UPS IV, 219).

Your life is way... It is all tracing the divine path from the Manger, from Nazareth, from Calvary: the way of love for the Father, of infinite purity, of love for souls... put your will in place of my will (DF, 39).






Not only silence in the established times and places, but silence on the defects of others, silence on everything that can discourage, disturb, discourage souls (APD47, 531).

Everyone has a strong inclination, a high preference for Scripture, which shapes heroes: because it gives a mentality that is divine; it gives a virtue that is divine, it gives a spirit and a life that is divine. If you do not read Jesus Christ, that is, his Gospel, and the great Theologian of the New Testament, Saint Paul... what should we say? (Viviamo in CristoGesù, p. 72).




Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


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