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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


To work to transform like this: the mind is united to Jesus, our head thinks like Jesus; our heart loves what Jesus love sin the tabernacle, that is, the Father and souls. And our desires and our wishes be united with the wishes of God (FSP58, p. 125).

O Jesus, our Master, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, make us learn the highest knowledge of your charity in the spirit of Saint Paul the Apostle and of the Catholic Church. Send your Holy Spirit to teach us and suggest to us what you taught us according to the will of the Father (PR, p. 68).

The serene soul contemplates the divine things, the truths ...And then we understand that the Lord has made us for him,for his glory and for our eternal happiness. Then our life is oriented. After a certain period, one becomes another: one lives according to faith, one lives according to the will of God ...  (FSP58, p. 119).

If for the new circumstances of daily life the time has to be changed, change. Love for souls will help us to find and seize the opportunities to say the word of salvation: a baptism, the confirmation, a wedding, the burial ... On such occasions the Word of God is better understood (CISP, p. 826).

Welcome, dear brothers, in this house everything is destined for reconciliation and sanctification ... the Divine Master lovingly welcomes you in his house ... Mary welcomes you ...Our Father, Master and Protector, Saint Paul welcomes you: has loved us, guarded us, supported us (UPS I, 11).

Charity binds hearts and makes the Congregation as one body, one thought, one way of acting (FSP-SdC, p. 224).

The “unum sint”, repeated four times by the Divine Master in the priestly prayer, is an inspiration for us. All are at service,no one is a master; all are in search of perfection, no one is perfect (UPS I, 292).

It is necessary that we think what contribution can come from the woman to the Church, to humanity. It is for this that the Pauline Family was thought of, the Lord did not want it composed only of men, but he also wanted it composed also of women (FSP-SdC, p. 448).

To suffer with those who suffer, to rejoice with those who rejoice; especially to suffer when the Church suffers; to rejoice when she rejoices. Living in union of mind, will and heart with the Pope: means participating in the universality of his concern (ACV, p. 149).

In the hour of an adoration well done, first of all, our whole mind is set in motion to offer our first respect to God ... to believe what Jesus has taught and to think as he thought, to reason as Jesus reasoned; we have no other terms to express ourselves more clearly and more precisely (FSP58, p. 175).

The union in a family is not only because the members live in the same house, it is not enough just to come together to eat, sleep or for other needs. There must also be union and sharing of feelings and ideals. The union is something profound: it is a union of thought, mind and will (PrP VIII, p. 190).

In community everything is charity, because everyone works for the community … Everything is done for the good of the community, therefore it is all charity. The charity most ordinary,charity most beautiful is the one that begins with those closest to you (APD56, 153).

The perfect conversion is to turn all our activity of mind, action, life, to God alone. Then how many conversion one needs: from being proud, to become humble; from attachments to certain things and certain ideas and certain positions, to detachment in order to be indifferent to everything and everyone ... (FSP58, p. 241).

Contributing all to the unity: only a single thought, a single directive which is that of the Constitutions, a union of continued prayers and then, a collaboration in the apostolate (APD58, 175).

Charity in obedience and obedience in charity. The internal divisions in an Institute lead to the most serious consequences: divisions of thought, of direction, of character, of doctrine, of works. They destroy the spirit of the Institute at its root and in its life (UPS I, 291).

Sociability requires a peaceful coexistence; but together it wants a beneficial and apostolic coexistence also in the wider human family. «He called us not only from among the Jews but also from among the pagans» (ACV, p. 138).

There are paternal visits. They are joyful encounter between father and children; so are the visits of the Superior General or the Provincial ... They have the purpose of establishing more intimate relationships, exchanging of greetings and news and rejoicing. Together to pray, to exhort, to console (UPS III, 77).

The conversion must be complete. Of mind, new thoughts; and of heart, new sentiments; and of life, activity, action, anew way of speaking, of doing, of living religious life (FSP58,p. 241).

Have we come to make our life a continuous prayer? ... When the soul spends itself, that is, it offers itself to God, the mind in the first place ... then it is as if in continuous prayer (FSP58, p. 423).

Thanks to the Second Vatican Council, the Church has better known herself and the mission entrusted to her by the Founder Jesus Christ: she felt Jesus Christ himself (CISP, p.338).

Contribute to the Congregation as much as possible. Contribute not only with work, with the exercise of the apostolate, but contribute with prayer, with sacrifices; to contribute with the help of vocations; to contribute in bringing a spiritof unity, joy and fervour in the community (APD58, 160).

To all those in error the apostle with the editions must bring light, pave the way for their return to the Catholic Church, with fraternal charity, with the goodness of the Good Shepherd who goes in search of the lost sheep, takes it on his shoulders and brings it back to the sheepfold (UPS IV, 119).

Life is a great Mass that extends into eternity (RSP, p. 492).

After the Council, the Fathers felt more united and stronger, more persuaded to be alive, active, responsible members; the horizon widened over all humanity (CISP, p. 338).

Fortitude. It means constancy, not to be discouraged at the first difficulties and not to stop immediately because people don’t come; welcome even two or three ... The shepherdess knows she has a special office. If the others don’t do, she does; if they do not come, go to look for them (PrP VII, p.319).

Adoration is not a dead prayer that one does not understand and in which if the first part is missing, one recites it without understanding. The Visit is not an hour for reciting prayers ... But that which is the real sense of the Visit is to speak with Jesus, to feel Jesus and to take from Jesus (FSP58, p.175).

Amiability cannot be a ridiculous paint; it must proceed from «good thinking and good desire» for one’s brothers. From benevolence to courtesy there is only one step. From good heart proceed good words, good wishes, courtesy, concern and delicacy (BM, p. 101).

Relationship between religious must be inspired by brotherly love, but in a more perfect manner than in the natural family. It is necessary to have «one heart and one mind» as it was told of the early Christians (UPS IV, 218).

The Congregation must never lower itself to the level of an industry, of a trade; but always remain at the human-divine level of the apostolate, exercised with the fastest and most fruitful means, in a pastoral spirit (CISP, pp. 808-809).

The union of work between religious institutes and diocesan clergy for vocations is of great importance and also favours the union of collaboration, then, between the diocesan clergy and the religious clergy (AP 1962, p. 112).






























When there is pride to do it oneself, then it is a way doing that cancels common life. Common life is to put together resources,intelligence, ability, advice (FSP59, p. 216).



Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


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