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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.


There is separation between the Congregations; yet there is an intimate bond of charity, nobler than the bond of blood(AD, 35).

This morning I have already placed in the chalice all your desires, your needs, your souls. Between us there must be a spiritual union of intent and purpose (APD47, 2).

«Let her who commands show a motherly and sweet solicitude and she who is subject, show filial docility, to join forces and guide everyone to the common good». This is the secret of peace in a community and the secret to feel like an active body, in which all members play their part (FSP-SdC,p. 233).

O Mary, Mother of the Church and my Mother, you who are in the divine Trinity, teach me to live, through the liturgy and the sacraments, in ever more intimate communion with the three divine Persons, so that my whole life may be a «glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit» (Prayers of the PF).

Each one of us can easily remember the words that Jesus from the cross said to John: «Here is your mother»... We consider Mary who, accepting this office of universal mother, now wants to offer, give, and communicate the supernatural life. She wants to give, communicate Jesus to us(FSP58, p. 135).

Mary was not an apostle in the sense of the other Twelve, but she was an apostle in a higher sense. She was an apostle in that she gave us the apostle Jesus, in whom all the apostolates are comprised, the greatest vocation! (AP 1958/2, p.244).

The Lord has led many beautiful, generous and faithful souls to the Pauline Family. Among them we remember the first flower that was very soon transplanted into heaven: Vigolungo Maggiorino... he had a clear vision of the apostolate of the good press. Now: read his little life, pray to him, spread knowledge about him, imitate his virtues (UPS III, 277).

Charity is first in thoughts, then in feelings, words and actions. Be helpful, people of great goodness, people who sympathize, who understand; not people who sometimes make it so difficult to bear one another in community (FSP-SdC, p.87).








Let us remember that Jesus asked the heavenly Father four times: «Utunumsint», that the apostles may be one among themselves, and I want to say the mothers may be one with the Mother; and then the faithful who would have believed the apostles’ preaching: «Utunumsint» (AAP60, 208).

There are people who nourish themselves on the Gospel, love meditation, and make a lot of spiritual readings; in such away that they remember these principles, feel them in their spirit and constitute the core of their soul, almost a second nature... (ACV, p. 53).

Pastoral mentality means knowing the value of a soul, what it means for that soul to be a child of God or not to be a child of God, that is, not to live in grace... Know that souls must graft themselves into Jesus Christ in order to be saved (FSP61*, pp. 345-346).

A well-enlightened mind lights up like a lantern placed high to shine on all who are in the house of the Father; a heart full of grace penetrates and ferments all hearts, like the evangelical leaven put into a measure of flour (CISP, p. 19).

The sign that God dwells in the community is unity, charity, because God is charity: «Deus caritas est» (AP 1958/2, p.140).






The studies under Mary’s protection: and raise our gaze to Mary from time to time; the apostolate under Mary’s protection: and repeat from time to time ejaculations to her name. The work of piety and the interior work offered to Mary: the whole day «under your protection we take refuge» (RSP, p.434).

Mary is therefore: the Apostle, the Queen of Apostles, the exemplary one in every apostolate, the inspirer of all apostolic virtues. Let heaven sing to her! Let the earth sing! And let all praise go up to the Most Holy Trinity for her and with her and in her (CISP, p. 38).

If during the course of the year you have to compose some book about Mary, then think that every typeface you set, every rolling of the printing machine, every work of paperbacks and propaganda, is a homage to offer to Mary: it is to carry out the Marian apostolate (RSP, p. 434).

Mary lived in the house with Jesus. She shared in all the desires, aims, intentions and plans of Jesus. By entering into intimacy with the Sacred Host you must, more than others understand the secrets of the Divine Master’s heart (APD47,89).

We owe to your founder, to the dear and venerated Fr. James Alberione, the creation of your monumental Institute. In the name of Christ, we thank him and bless him. Here he is humble, silent, tireless, always vigilant, always recollected in his thoughts, running from prayer to work, always intent on scrutinizing the «signs of the times» (Saint Paul VI, CISP, p. 553).

We have to contemplate Mary’s apostolate; we have to ask her for the grace that we too may do her apostolate in the way we can: we must ask the grace to do it with good intelligence and generous dedication and with a supernatural spirit...and that is for God, for souls, for eternity (AP 1960, p.88).

Among the theological virtues, the third one, charity, is the virtue that on the one hand is the most difficult and, on the other, the richest in merit and is also the only one that remains forever (APD56, 448).








Mary from heaven inspires vocations, from there she accompanies vocations, and from there she protects all the apostolates, and today in a particular way the one which is so necessary, the publishing apostolate. Besides, she consoles, encourages and supports the apostles in their work (RSP, p.247).


We need you, Mary, to form our hearts, as you formed the heart of the immaculate Lamb Jesus, your Son... Form our heart, that it may be generous, that it may be pious, and that it may be strong, that it may be inflamed with two loves: charity towards God and charity towards our neighbor(RSP, p. 167).


Mary had a heart similar to that of Jesus to share his desires. She made them all her own. Enter into intimacy with Jesus and intimacy with the Church... You must understand the desires of the Pope, the Bishops, the Priests, the Ministers o fGod, the Missionaries, all the souls who give themselves to the apostolate (APD47, 90).


From thoughts come words, feelings, and actions; it is the mind that drives, as the pilot flies the plane, as the driver drives the car (ACV, p. 19).

May the young man love God, may he be compassionate, humble and generous. The heart is a great power (ACV, p.128).



We are all brothers, we must edify one another, pray together, comfort ourselves in the thought of the prize; all give thanks and praise to God, all together contemplate Jesus Master, Way and Truth and Life, our Mother and Queen, St. Paul the Apostle (CISP, p. 1015).


Our life unfolds mostly in society; and it is in society that we must exercise the apostolate and sanctify relationships (ACV, p. 138).

In itself, Christianity is way, truth and life, and this must be shared with souls. Everyone must believe in Jesus, follow Jesus, and join Jesus (FSP61*, p. 146).



Humility is necessary to maintain unity. We are very much inclined to look at all the good in us and to inflate it. There is something good in everyone (FSP-SdC, p. 87).

The visit to the Blessed Sacrament for the Apostle is like an audience, a classroom, where the disciple or minister interacts with the Divine Master (ACV, p. 103).



Saint Paul was the greatest interpreter and preacher of the Gospel. He understood it in the revelation of the Divine Master, he was Doctor and Master of nations. After Jesus Christ the truth that saves began to spread and flow as a river that is always fed by the source and that in its course receives tributaries, swells and brings benefit and holiness everywhere(ACV, p. 93).



Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


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