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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of our founder, Blessed James Alberione, we will reflect on his words and use them as our daily guide.

Feel with Jesus Christ. It means having the heart of the Divine Master for humankind, as manifested in «Venite ad meomnes» (AE, 33).

Let all our reasoning, our ways of thinking and working be conformed to what Jesus taught in the Gospel and to what Jesus really wants from us (AP 1958/1, p. 188).

The world is full of discord. Why is that? Because so many“I’s” reign. If God reigned, God would be only one, that’s unity. And this unity, therefore, is founded on charity(APD56, 289).

Love unites us as we often say, and we should also write it in our houses: «Congregavitnos in unum, Christi amor!». Unionamong all people who tend towards the same ideal (PrP VIII, p.190).

Saint Paul was the tireless Apostle who, «omnia omnibus factus», was always, everywhere, with everyone, with all means... he travelled the world to renew it in a new light: Jesus Christ (AE, 36).

A Congregation is always marked by community life. And this is not only an external life in common, but it is a common life of thoughts, of feelings, of direction, of activity, that is, a community life that embraces our whole day and our whole religious life (FSP59, p. 193).

The term “updating” could give rise to fears of reforms contrary to the spirit of an Institution. Updating lies in reviving the entire spirit of the founders and the principles and rules of the Constitutions: but at the same time taking into account today’s needs and circumstances for their applications (CISP,pp. 805-806).

It will be useful to consider the words of Card. Elia Dalla Costa: «Either we look courageously at reality, beyond the small world around us, and then we see the urgent need for a radical change of mentality and method; or in the span of a few years we will have made a desert around the Master of Life» (CISP, p. 807).

Eucharistic simplicity. The Eucharist is under the appearances of the most common food, yet it contains Jesus Christ,the God-Man. This is how it must be for the apostle of the press. In the humble form of a book or a sheet of paper,which appears without pretension, he must give the divine truth, which, in order to reach people of all conditions, must be affordable, and accessible to all, like bread (AE, 161).

The apostolate can be of the word, of the pen, or of suffering,but all Pauline families have a goal, and they contribute to achieve this goal so that the doctrine of Jesus Christ may be preached by modern means and the quickest means (RSP, p.149).

The writer himself must have imbibed the contents of the Sacred Book in order to diffuse it! And he will succeed if he has the constancy to use the Bible for his daily reading and meditation under the guidance of the Church (AE, 163).

Chosen pens that dip into the Heart of Jesus and translate on paper according to the best rules of style. Chosen pens that earn hearts, gratify the intelligence, and move the will. Pens that know how to adapt to the times, the circumstances, the subject matter, and the category of people to whom they are addressed (AE, 378).

This is the spirit of religious life: to pool all our strength together,which means not only working together, but bringing together our prayers, and our opinions, so that we may better understand what is useful, what is to be done (FSP-SdC,p. 351).

First thing is to understand, that is, to have a pastoral mentality in writing, printing and distributing. A pastoral mentality and a pastoral heart: to be souls who truly love souls(FSP61*, p. 165).

Grafted in Christ, we will no longer bear little fruit... Then we will bear fruits of charity, zeal, diligence in study, devotion,and respect for our brothers and sisters; we will bear fruits of community life, the spirit of poverty, chastity, obedience,humility and patience (RSP, p. 491).

Offer always, let us say, continually, as far as possible, our actions: so that we do not feel alone, but during the day we can experience Mary assisting us, protecting us, extending her caring hand over us. And we feel Jesus who is in our soul inspiring us: we with him; he with us (RSP, p. 447).

We must all feel [part of] humanity, the Catholic Church and the universal spirit of Saint Paul; do away with regionalism and nationalism, and misunderstandings that are elements of division (CISP, pp. 169-170).

The universality of the publishing apostolate demands, in those who exercise it,special aspirations and talents that can be summed up in three phrases: to feel with Jesus Christ; to feel with the Church; to feel with Saint Paul (AE, 33).

«Our Fr. Alberione has given the Church new tools to express herself, new means to give vigour and breadth to her apostolate, new capacity and new awareness of the validity and possibility of her mission in the modern world and with modern means» (St. Paul VI, CISP, p. 553).

Already in the time of Saint Paul, but especially today, organization is the most important work: union is strength. Athous and disorganized wills do not have the power of ten men united together (APim, p. 105).

The Gospel must be, yes, in the most honourable place of our premises; but above all, it must be in the place of honour in our heart; it must penetrate into our minds, into our will, because it is the directive of our whole life (RSP, p. 95).

Divine Master, you are the Uncreated Truth, the only Master;you alone have words of eternal life. We thank you for enkindling in us the light of reason and the light of faith... We believe by submitting our whole mind to you; show us the treasure of your wisdom, let us know the Father, make us your true disciples (Prayers of the PF).

Love, collaborate, respect each other as two complementary parts (disciple-priest), two beings who form the new being in the Church: the apostle of publications (UPS I, 155).

This day for Mary was a day of deep recollection, pain, prayer and faith. Of waiting, because by now sin was overcome,the devil was defeated; the enemy of Jesus was conquered.Now all that remained for Jesus to do was to come out of the tomb and rise again. The faith of Mary! (FSP58, p. 82).

The greatest union, therefore the greatest reciprocal charity,among the members of the same community and among the members of the whole Institute: «One body, one spirit, with one hope» (AP 1960, p. 201).

Jesus bowed his head and died. Let us remain for a while at the foot of the Crucifix to contemplate him (FSP41, p. 131).

Everything is renewed. May souls also be renewed: new life,industrious, and active life (BM, p. 590).

Do the maximum good to everyone. Help everyone with prayer, advice, words, publications, ministry, and example(UPS III, 60).

The community life calls for charity; while selfishness is its enemy. In fact, egoism, little by little, pushes one to form an individualistic modus vivendi of one’s own: then each one takes from the Congregation the maximum of goods and gives as little as possible on his part (UPS I, 289).

Whoever has found St. Paul has found Jesus Christ: the heart of St. Paul is the heart of Jesus Christ. Saint Paul establishes us, builds us, and roots us in Jesus Christ: the Holy Spirit makes him say: «The foundation is Jesus Christ, and I am a wise architect who builds on him» (APim, p. 129).































Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.


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