Thank God, thank you all!

I was baptized in 2008; the time coincided with Sister Grace Lee’s return to Hong Kong Daughters of St Paul to serve as supervisor. At the same time, Sister Ng, the only Chinese member in the Hong Kong community, went to study in Rome. Consequently, Sister Grace invited me to assist in their work.

As you know, the mission of Daughters of St. Paul is to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world through the modern means of mass media. In Hong Kong, they achieve this goal mainly through the sale of books and religious articles in its bookstore, and by carrying out book-displays in churches and schools.

One year has passed; I have to thank God and many of you.

Many schools have invited us to hold book-displays. Their principals, librarians, religious studies teachers and other teachers, pastoral assistants, students and janitors all have contributed to the success of these occasions. This year, we have added many educational books along with religious ones. Such move seemed to have met the needs of the schools which aim at promoting reading schemes. First, pupils have become more knowledgeable by extensive reading. Second, good books about life models may encourage the readers to become good citizens. I share the joy of the pupils and their parents in selecting the books they love. I have also met some secondary school students who asked questions on the use of rosary and shared their opinions on religious articles. We believe book-display in schools is an opportunity for evangelization.

On the other hand, book-display in the church has also been a pleasurable experience. For example, we held a book-display in my parish - Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Tai Po. Thanks for Father Renzo's concern, the support and assistance of the parishioners.

Serving in the bookstore, for me, is another delighted experience. Meeting different people from other parishes, chatting and sharing with them are also enjoyable. I make many friends, too.

In June 2009, Sister Ng has returned to Hong Kong. She resumes her usual duty in making appointment with school for book-displays, while I serve in the bookstore.

During my service, I found that we often lack reading materials for the younger generation. I do hope Catholic authors could put more efforts in writing good books, periodicals to cater the needs of the young readers whom we have to cultivate with Christian values.

Serving God and you all is a great pleasure. Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped us in our work. May God bless you all.

Bishop Tong, Ivy & her family before

the Mass of St Paul Feast Day

(Ivy Tse, Carissa, Bishop John Tong and

Luke Tse)

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