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2018 Christmas Evangelization

Just before Christmas, the APCs organised a Christmas evangelization programme at the Home of Love …

2018 Hong Kong Book Exhibition

The APCs made use of the Book Fair to spread the Good News to the visitors …

2017 Bringing the Christmas message to the girls in Good Shepherd Choi Wan Hostel

On the first Sunday of Advent, the APCs celebrated an early Christmas with the young girls in ...

2016 Evangelisation at the Home of Love

The APCs went to the Home of Love of the Missionaries of Charity for evangelization…

2016 Hong Kong Book Exhibition

The APCs participated in the iTalk, introducing the Pauline Family and recommending books DVDs etc to the visitors ….

2015 Bringing the Christmas message to the elderly in Tai Po

The APCs visited an old folks home in Tai Po …

2014 Bringing the Christmas message to the Disadvantaged

The APCs celebrated Christmas with the disadvantaged in Yaumatei again …

2013 Bringing the Christmas message to the street people in Yaumatei

The APCs joined the Missionaries of Charity’s party for their regular “food guests”…

2011 Feeding the poor and homeless of Yaumatei

The APCs showed their loving concern for the spiritual welfare of the homeless people …

2010 Proclaiming the Christmas Good News in Mongkok

A group of APCs stood at various street corners and pavements in Mongkok …

Working alongside the Sisters in book displays


Every year the Pauline Cooperators carry out an outreach project to show our loving concern for the people especially for their spiritual welfare. This year we decided to ask Fr John Wotherspoon to help us carry out our Christmas project of feeding the poor and homeless of Yaumatei.

On Sunday evening of 18th December 2011, ten Pauline Cooperators and friends gathered at Yaumatei MTR exit to meet Father John Wotherspoon. First we went to the Yaumatei Clinic, the meeting point of the homeless people, to distribute meal boxes to them. Since we did not have such experiences before, some of us felt scared and frightened. But in the process, we seemed to have God's guidance and protection.

We realize that our good deeds may not have helped many people and there are so many people suffering and hungry. We want to live our faith in God through acts and deeds. Faith alone is quite dead. We need to have both faith and good deeds.  To proclaim the Good News is a sacred duty of  the Pauline Cooperators. We understand  that giving witness to the Gospel and doing good are not easy, but our Lord directs our lives and fill us with courage and hope of spreading God's word and His unconditional love to others.

Dominic Lau

Pauline Cooperator


As we served the meal boxes and offered some religious leaflets to them, they showed us a deep feeling of gratitude and happiness. Among  them, we were astonished to see a man taking care of three kids. Their father was alleged to have passed away and their mother addicted to gambling. She abandoned her children and paid that man to care for her children. We pitied the poor children who wandered in the streets and had nothing to eat. The youngest child did not even have proper pants . We bought a pair of pants for the child to put on.

From there we moved to a garden near Nathan Road. We found some underprivileged people and we gave them Christmas blessings and talked to them for a while, inviting them into our joyful celebration of the Good News. We hoped that they could understand that all of us are children of God.

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