1  In 2015 I celebrated my golden jubilee of religious profession. I made a specially designed bookmark in three languages: Italian, English and Chinese. I gave them to my friends in Italy, in Singapore and in Hong Kong.  To my consternation, I found that I didn’t even have a single copy for myself.  I felt sad but I couldn’t think of a way to get back even a copy.

Three years later, our community went to Mui Wo Island for a little vacation. We prayed in the chapel there. The second day I took the English Divine Office book to say my morning prayer. As soon as I opened the book, I saw my bookmark in the pages. How did it get there? The books belonged to the chapel and many people use it for personal prayers.

I just could not believe my eyes when I saw the very thing I have been longing for. It seems the Lord had kept it for me but in such an unlikely and remote place. This was my first time to go to Mui Wo Island. I just had only immense gratitude in my heart, thinking of how wonderful the Lord’s love is shown to me.


Sr Grace Lee

My bookmark

Our convent in 1995

2  How did we come to find the house where we are staying now?

When the Daughters of St Paul first came to Hong Kong, they had nowhere to live in. The Canossian Sisters in their great charity took them into their convent which is near the Rosary Church in Chatham Road, Kowloon. After some time they rented a flat in Waterloo Road near the Wah Yan College and St Ignatius Church. But the rental kept on increasing rapidly, and the Sisters found it difficult to make ends meet. The only solution was to buy a house with money from the Central House in Rome, money that could be repaid slowly as the Sisters progressed in their work.

Once agreed on this goal, the Sisters went around searching for a suitable place. They were advised to find some good home in the New Territories. For some days they drove to a few places for a random search. Condominiums were very expensive especially for the monthly maintenance fees.

That day was Mission Sunday with a big rally in the afternoon. The Sisters went out in the morning and suddenly they turned into the side road after coming out from the Lion Rock Tunnel. The road led to a small clearing where there were some three storey village houses.  “We are looking for a place to buy,” they told the people. One lady said, “At the corner of this place there is a house for sale.” When the Sisters turned the corner of that road, they could not believe their eyes! Here was just the house meant for them. It stood all by itself with three floors. Other houses were terrace houses. The land developer was glad to sell the house cheaply if they paid in cash and within a month. God had arranged the house for them.

The chapel in Mui Wo

Since renovation in 2014

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