Sr Grace Lee

All of us know that the physical affects the spiritual and vice versa. When our health is not so perfect, our spirits tend to go down. This is the time when a senior suffers more when pressing concerns weigh her down.

And a senior has a hard time to bear this unprovoked ill feeling. She does not have the energy and resources to solve the problem. All will be put into the loving hands of God who is ultimate our one and only Friend and Saviour. He alone can do things for us.

Living in Hong Kong, or even in Singapore, being a senior (over 65 years old) has quite a few advantages. Public transport is relatively cheap, at $2 per trip. A few shops give some discounts. Even our hair saloon has special offers for seniors.

For myself, at age almost 84, I find many people offering me seats in buses, trains etc. Then the government gives me a Medical Waiver for medical treatments and drugs. It also gives me a monthly allowance to live on. I think this is really God’s divine Providence in action.

All these financial and physical benefits are consoling and reassuring for my life, but when it comes to moral, psychological and spiritual concerns, I have less energy and capability to cope with them.

Then there is the complicated relationship’s concerns. I pray to the Lord to give me the wisdom to know how to relate to certain people. Sometimes I cannot understand what I have said or done which triggers such an onslaught of bad feelings and hurts. It is true one never intentionally hurts another person’s feelings but it happens all the time.

At the moment I am heavy in heart praying for a co-sister who has a long-drawn out illness whose end can’t be seen yet. Every day I pray to the Lord to grant her healing and good health. I try to find some way to improve her health situation by searching for better doctors. It takes time and patience, and the willingness to accept God’s will.  It seems my heart is even physically painful trying to bear all these sufferings for her.

And every moment I entrust myself and all my pressing concerns into his loving hands. My favourite prayer is JESUS MERCY, MARY HELP. I repeat this prayer at every turn of event, whether at night or during the daytime. I always tell Jesus and Mary, I HAVE NO ONE TO TURN TO EXCEPT YOU.

Without Jesus I would be like those desperate people who see no end to their troubles and problems. Instead I have faith and trust in the loving Father who cares for us and bears us up in his powerful hands. And I too have a wonderful heavenly Mother who is always at my side, guiding and protecting and consoling me.

Today’s gospel tells us that Jesus gives us HIS OWN PEACE, not the worldly peace of having no more troubles but the enduring peace which is in my heart, knowing that God loves me and cares for me.

With this peace of Jesus, I can go forward bravely in spite of many setbacks and sorrows and sufferings. Somebody is there for me, someone more powerful than any human friend.

Thank you Jesus for being there for me, for your enduring love and concern. I am at peace.

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