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First of all, they have chosen single books of the Bible, for example, the New Testament, the Acts of the Apostles, the Gospels, etc. They will be in English and Chinese. They will be freely distributed, at no charge, but only to non-Christians.


Sr Mary Grace Lee

Last Sunday, 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, was declared WORLD DAY FOR GOD’S WORD.   All churches celebrated with some forms of activities to make people aware of the power and importance of God’s Word in our life. God’s Word is a voice of love from God to us. God’s Word tells us how to be his good daughter and son.

The Daughters of St Paul bring God’s Word through the media to the people  through their publications, DVD and CD. This year they have a special project to spread God’s Word in an appealing manner.  

The way of distributing the free Word of God is through a conversation with the intended person to ensure that they understand what they are being given. Otherwise the gift of the precious Word of God might end up in the rubbish bin.

Many friends and cooperators of the sisters will be entrusted with this evangelizing activity. Each of them will carry a few copies of these books and meet non-Christians in their ordinary environment. They hope to engage these persons in conversation and find an appealing way to give the Word of God to them. First they must pray to the Lord who will choose those intended to receive his Word. And they should also be familiar with God’s Word themselves. Some words and phrases from the Bible especially from the New Testament are very strong attractions to inspire people in certain moments of their life. It’s a challenge for those bearers of God’s Word to find those particular words or sentences to pass on to the receivers.

This is an evangelizing activity, and it is in honour of the donor, Mr Matthew Dou, who was an outstanding Catholic because of his faith and his love for God’s Word.

Mr Dou lived seven years as a Catholic before the Lord called him to Himself.

He really lived the Word of God. He was a good friend to everybody, never refused anyone in need, and was always in the Church doing all kinds of good works. At his funeral, so many people came. It was incredible to see how many people he had touched with his life.

Mr Dou left a big donation which the Daughters of St Paul are now using to carry out this special project of spreading the Word of God.

“I am the way and the truth and the life”  John 14:6


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