Sr Grace Lee

      We know that Advent is the time when we prepare ourselves to welcome the Word of God in person into our world. This Word of God is Jesus, the Son of Mary of Nazareth.

      There are three people in Advent who can show us the way to encounter the Child Jesus: Mary, John the Baptist and the prophet Isaiah. The best person has to be Mother Mary, who is Jesus’ own mother.

      How does Mother Mary introduce us to her unborn Son, Jesus? With fervent and constant prayer, with light in our hearts to shine, we follow Mary as she lives each day cradling her unborn child in her womb with untold love and tenderness.

      We can imagine her carefully taking her nourishment without fuss, doing her ordinary household chores, communicating with loving words and gestures to all the persons she meets each day. The emphasis is on the intensity of her feelings and words and actions to show her anticipation for the arrival of this most desired Child.

      We can now do the same, share Mary’s feelings, words and actions to await this Child

who is our







      Jesus came as a poor baby in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. At Christmas we celebrate this birth and renew our gratitude and love for this heavenly Child who came to save us from our sin and bring us to his Eternal Father in heaven.

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