Preceding the Mass, a short clip from a film about the Founder was shown, to make his presence more felt by the congregation.

After the Mass, all the members and friends sat down to a good dinner outside the Church. This was an occasion to meet each other especially to know newcomers and exchange greetings and share fellowship.

Usually the Pauline Family in Hong Kong and Macau consisted of the three priests of the Society of St Paul (SSP), based in Macau, five Daughters of St Paul of Macau, five Daughters of St Paul in Hong Kong, three Pious Disciples of the Divine Master (PDDM) based in Hong Kong, three IOLAs (secular institute of Our Lady of the

Annunciation) based in Macau and two IOLAs from Hong Kong. This time the Pauline Cooperators from Hong Kong (six attended) and also several Pauline Cooperators from Macau also joined in the event, adding to the joy and happiness of the Pauline Family in this part of the world.

At  about 9 pm, the Adoration Vigil started, which continued for four hours, to re-live the time that Blessed Alberione prayed in the Alba Cathedral on the night between 1900 and 1901. This was the turning point in his life. As a 16 year old seminarian then, his night vigil was the beginning of his founding 10 religious institutes which constitute the Pauline Family. Each institute of the Pauline Family was founded for a special purpose to meet a special need of the Church and of society.

During the Adoration, Sr Grace Lee, fsp, recalled some episodes of Blessed Alberione’s life. She was present at his death in Rome in 1971. The Daughters of St Paul were then holding their Special Chapter and the Founder’s death helped the sisters to understand their mission and Pauline life in its true light.

Most of the members stayed overnight in Macau. The next morning they met again for breakfast, at the seafront, with the Church behind them and the shores of China on the opposite side of the sea. What would the future hold for them as they continue their mission of evangelizing through the media?

The Daughters of St Paul from Hong Kong remained in Macau to make their monthly retreat, amid the tranquil surroundings of Coloane Island. They returned to Hong Kong in the evening, having refreshed themselves spiritually, in fellowship with God and with their co-members of the Pauline Family.

This is what a Pauline Cooperator of Hong Kong, Cheryl Pong, said of the event:

“We attended Mass, the adoration of the blessed sacrament with candle light procession and a short sharing by Sister Grace's personal experience of the Founder. It was a great opportunity to meet the priests, sisters, the cooperators and friends and relatives, on this special occasion especially during the sharing of a fellowship meal after the eucharistic celebration. We look forward to more of such gatherings as it had made us more aware of our calling to be a member of the Pauline Family! We felt really blessed and filled with St Paul's spirit and zeal to sprd His kingdom.”


Sunday 27 November 2011, some 40 members of the Pauline Family and a few friends gathered at the Church of St Francis Xavier in Coloane, Macau, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Blessed James Alberione passing into eternity.

The Mass in festive tone and actively participated, reminded the Pauline members  of their special charism and mission, lived exceptionally well by the Founder. During the Mass, the celebrants used the new Order of Mass.

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