40 Years in Macau

On March 19, 2009, the Daughters of St Paul in Macau celebrated their 40th anniversary of foundation in Macau …

"Book Reading Festival"

To extend the centennial celebration, the sisters launched the …

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Centenary Celebration 1915 -2015

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40 Years at the Service of the Gospel

Set foot in Hong Kong Kong in 1978 to fulfil the great desire of the Founder, Fr. James Alberione …

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Established in 1905; in Hong Kong since 1978.



The community of the DAUGHTERS OF ST PAUL in Hong Kong and the community in Macau are twin communities, both belonging to the religious congregation of the DAUGHTERS OF ST PAUL, an international congregation with headquarters in Rome.

On March 19, 2009, the sisters in Macau invited all the members of the Pauline Family to rejoice with them on their 40th anniversary of foundation in Macau.

The sisters held a Thanksgiving Mass at the St Francis Xavier Church in Coloane, concelebrated by Fr Ramob Manalo and his two confreres, from the Society of St Paul. Also at the Mass were five Daughters of St Paul from Hong Kong, two sisters from the Pious Disciples of the Divine Master, another institute belonging to the Pauline Family, five members of the secular institute, Mary of the Annunciation, five members of the Pauline Cooperators of Macau, together with many friends and benefactors. After the Mass the group enjoyed a good fellowship at a sumptuous dinner.

Sr Necitas (left), Sr Amalia Yamada,

Sr Serena and Sr Maria Luz

In 2005 and 2006, they tried to evangelise the Mainland China tourists who visit the famous Ruins of St Paul, which is very near to their Bookshop. They printed an illustrated four page leaflet explaining the real meaning of Christmas and they distributed 5,000 copies during the Christmas season. Since the tourists also visit the beautiful St Dominic Church near the St Paul Ruins, the sisters also set up a Book Fair in the grounds of this church so that the tourists could also get to know the Word of God and other forms of religious information.

At the very beginning of their foundation in Macau, the sisters had the honour and privilege of helping the Macau Diocese to set up all the existing structures which today consist of a Cineteatro (commercial film theatre), a library and publishing house and other social establishments. Before 1969 (date of foundation of the Daughters in Macau), the Diocese of Macau could be said to be little known and not visible to the Catholic world. The sisters made many efforts and with their capable organization and funding from abroad, they managed to put Macau Diocese on the Catholic map. Today it can be said that the Macau Diocese is well established and running excellently.  

On this same occasion, the sisters also prayed for the two Japanese sisters who after many years of missionary work, are now  returning to Japan. Sr Amalia Yamada spent 16 years working in Hong Kong and Macau. She will return to Japan for good because of bad health. Sr Serena Kanesaki who was co-founder of the Macau community in 1969 and has been working here ever since, will also return to Japan. However, she will still come back to help out for one more year before bidding final goodbyes.

Presently the sisters in Macau operate the only Catholic Bookshop, located near the Cathedral. There are six sisters of different nationalities. Their Bookshop is well-known to all the Catholics in Macau as well as in Hong Kong. They stock books in Portuguese, English and Chinese and their religious articles are from all over the world. The sisters also visit schools and churches in their outreach to the people.

What about the future of Macau now that the Portuguese  colonizers are gone and many Mainland Chinese flood this little enclave? In the past few years Macau has been transformed from a picturesque and homely village environment to the gambling center of the Far East. The diocese has to deal with this tremendous change especially in religious and moral matters. It is hoped that the sisters can contribute to the changing society with their good books, audiovisual media productions and religious articles. Quite often Chinese tourists visit their Bookshop and find some spiritual treasures for their life.

The fervent hopes and aspirations of the sisters in Macau are to find local girls who will share their religious ideals and mission so that they can continue to serve the people in their special way, through the media of books, audiovisuals, cinema, radio, television. They also wish to collaborate with all persons desiring to work in the this vast field of evangelization. May the Lord and especially St Paul bless their mission and their hopes.