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Association of Pauline Cooperators at a Glance


2018 - Celebrating 100th Anniversary

2016 - The Macau APC was established

2016 - An APC Member Made Her Promise

2013 - 3 Lay Persons Joined the APC

2011 - 4 APC Members Made their Promise

2008 - Launching of the APC

The Association of Pauline Cooperators

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Working alongside the Sisters in book displays




At the solemn celebration of the feast of St Paul, 30th June 2011, four lay persons made their commitment to the Association of the Pauline Cooperators (APC). Dominic Lau, Cheryl Pong, Goretti Leung and Maria Chan took the Promise, made publicly before Vicar General Pierre Lam Minh, MEP, and Sr Ida Porrino, Regional Superior of the East Asia Delegation, which includes Hong Kong, at the Eucharistic Celebration that evening in the Shatin convent of the Daughters of St Paul.

The Promise indicates the official admission  of the individual as member of the Association of Pauline Cooperators (APC).


Left to Right: Deacon Leung, Vicar General Pierre Lam Minh, Goretti Leung, Cheryl Pong, Sr Ida Porrino, Maria Chan, Dominic Lau, Fr Lau

The Pauline Cooperator: -
1. is called to holiness according to his/her particular state in life, by following Jesus Master,Way,Truth and Life, under the gaze of Mary, Queen of the Apostles and in the spirit of St Paul.

2. he/she reads, meditates, lives and spreads the Gospel.
3. he/she has the same attitudes as Christ; knows, believes in and loves Jesus and all people.
4. like St Paul, he/she lives and proclaims “I live now not I but Christ lives in me”.
5. from the Eucharist, he/she has the strength and grace to show Jesus’ love to everyone in the various activities of the mission.

6. he/she loves the Church and takes active part in the parish community.
7. he/she is united in mind and heart with the Pauline Family, in prayer, work and collaboration.
8. he/she brings the light and truth of God’s Word to all through the media of social communication.
9. like Mary Queen of the Apostle who is the First Cooperator in the mission of Jesus, he/she gives to the world Jesus Christ, Way, Truth and Life, Master and Shepherd, crucified and risen Lord.
10. in intimate union with Christ, the APC member faces with courage and hope, the difficulties and hardship of the mission, as St Paul did. 

The APC is for all lay persons who wish to sanctify their own lives by living a strong Pauline spirituality, who want to share in the mission of spreading the Gospel through the media of social communication as the Daughters of St Paul are doing, and to become a full member of the Church in their own country.

The APC holds their monthly meeting at the convent of the Daughters of St Paul at 76 Ha Keng Hau, Shatin every second Saturday of the month at 3.00 pm. All are welcome.

Contact Sr Helen or Sr Grace 26987125,  98046192, 92331124

It’s more than two years that I have been attending the monthly meetings of the Pauline Cooperators, since Oct 2008. During the meetings, we spend an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament,worshipping our Lord and listening to His words. After which, we come together again to learn more about the Pauline spirituality and to share the apostolic work of the Daughters of St Paul. It was through these meetings that I got to know more of our patron Saint, St Paul, and our founder Blessed Alberione's vision and mission to spread the Gospel everywhere. As this year is the Year of the Laity, I felt that God is calling me to be more committed to this mission. By making the Promise, I felt so blessed and privileged and can use this wonderful channel to be an instrument for Christ. I want to follow St Paul and be able to say, “it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me!” What better way than to be in this wonderful Pauline Family!


Thank you, God. Full of joy I made my Promise to become a full member of the Association of Pauline Cooperators (APC) on the feast of St Paul, 30th June 2011. The APC is one of the institutes of the Pauline Family. This is where I can obtain many graces of love, and this makes me very happy. To imitate St Paul the Apostle in his mission of spreading the Gospel, and now in the APC to use the modern media of communication, this makes me feel blessed and close to God. I am happy to know the Daughters of St Paul and to belong to the Association of Pauline Cooperators.


As we celebrate the Year of the Laity, I, Dominic Lau, became a member of the Association of Pauline Cooperators on the feast of St Paul, 30th June 2011. I feel blessed and full of joy and peace when the membership ceremony was presided over by Sr Ida, Regional Superior of East Asia Delegation. I thank God to let me know the Daughters of St Paul during these two years. This is a gift from God. May the strength of the Holy Spirit lead me to cooperate with the Pauline sisters to fulfill our duties of evangelization, and to give witness to the Gospel.


30th June 2011, feast day of St. Paul, at 7.30 pm in the convent of the Daughters of St. Paul, Vicar General Pierre Lam Minh and a Korean priest con-celebrated the Mass. There were many people including also Permanent Deacon Leung.During the Mass I made my Promise in the Association of Pauline Cooperators. Sr Ida Porrino, Regional Superior, accepted our Promise. When they clapped their hands to congratulate us, I felt so happy. Thank God I have known the Sisters, helping them for almost 10 years. Now I am truly

a member of the Pauline Family, founded by Blessed James Alberione. This is a gift, a joy, a glory and a mission. I am happy to be God’s instrument and to offer myself to God.

--Maria Chan--