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are focal points of apostolate.

They are not commercial shops

but centres of service

for the people.

They do not have customers

only cooperators.

They are not for business.

They are centres of light and warmth

in Jesus Christ.

The Media Centre

is a temple

where there is the Good News.

The counter

is a platform of Truth.

Blessed James Alberione,

Founder of the Pauline Family

This book shows that God’s love is stronger than sin. It gives us hope to practice love for God, so to be received by God at the end of our life.

This book also answers many questions about the devil, what he looks like, his temptations and his evil actions on us.

It explains magic, evil spells, satanic possession, ethnic objects, and other interesting topics that can help the good Christian to avoid falling into the hands of the devil.

The book advises to pray for deliverance and healing, to ask Mother Mary’s help and protection, and also to pray to our guardian angel.

Price $75


                            By Fr. Gabriele Amorth, ssp


Price $40

Introductory Promotion: -

Over 10  copies with 20% discount

Over 20 copies with 30% discount

Click here to read sample pages of THE STORY OF MARY

This book is written for children as young as 3 years old. The outstanding pictures illustrating the Story of Mary clearly tell the children who is this wonderful person called Mary.

Mary is our heavenly Mother, given to us by Jesus himself. Every follower of Jesus wants to know and love this Mother who is guiding, protecting and leading us to her Son, Jesus.

May this book help the young readers to learn about their heavenly Mother Mary who always did what God wanted because she loves God the most. We too, want to do what God wants as Mary did. This is the way to happiness and joy in our life.

The author, Pauline sister Clare Ukken, has given a complete guide to living this important period of our liturgical year. She explains the meaning of Lent, then she displays all the 40 days of Lent with their readings and spiritual resources for a fruitful Lenten experience.

Practically, everything has been done for the reader. They have only to hold this book in their hand each day of Lent, and they can read the Word of God. After the reading comes a brief meditation, followed by a prayer from the Psalms and concluded with a Lenten action.

Most of the time, simplicity in our spiritual life gets the best results. So here is a simple book with simple suggestions and reflections. All the reader needs to do now is to pray fervently for the grace of God to undertake this Lenten practice earnestly and to have the courage to follow it to the end, which is the Resurrection.


There are only a limited number of copies of this book, priced at $51.



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